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Those silly caterpillars!

Yeah yeah, that’s right, bash my head in.
You don’t seem to mind that my brain is pouring out, do you?
What’s that?
You wanted that to happen?
Huh, that’s just sick, how could you?

How could I? You ask that, but you don’t seem to realise what a silly question that is! You do realise that you deserve this!

Deserve it?
How come?
What did I do?

Well, duh, Edna! You ate the last lettuce leaf! 

So that merits me getting my head kicked in?

Yes, yes it does!

You are a cruel, cruel thing, Harry.
What if I’d eaten the last bit of rocket?
What then?

Oh, I wouldn’t mind that, I do love you, after all.



You love me selectively.

True, but... Oh crap, here it comes again... RUN!

Droplets of liquid fell on the unfortunate pair and Edna turned to Harry:

Bollocks, shit, I got some on me. Hey, Harry, you alright?

Edna was so worried about Harry that she hadn’t seen the other danger coming. They’re both bird food now. Poor wee caterpillars.
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