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Crossing the Line

The one thing not to do with your closest friends.

You want to know the real reason why sleeping with your friends is a very bad idea?

I learned that lesson the hard way back four years ago when I hooked up with Billy. We started out as friends back in high school until we lost contact with one another. With the advent of social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, it was really easy for us to find each other. I really enjoyed talking to him during a time of turmoil for me. I was in a stressful work environment and didn't have anyone to talk to about what's going on.

When I came to Illinois to spend the New Year holiday with my family, we made plans to see each other. The first kiss Billy gave me made me feel special, and I liked it. I went to his place to ring in the New Year, and ended up fooling around with him. A few days later, he met some chick on MySpace. We couldn't fool around anymore.

A few weeks after that, he sent me a text complaining about his new lady friend. Being the good friend that I am, I gave him some advice and he broke up with her and came back to me. We sent sexts to each other, and he cut me out again for another chick. I was getting pissed that he was using me for his selfish gain and let him go do his thing with the next girl. At that time, one of my ex-coworkers/roommates began paying me some sort of attention, and I started to forget about Billy.

A few months later, I was rewarded a much-needed vacation. I was on the train on my way to Chicago when Billy sent me a text, telling me how his latest chick cheated on him. I told him I was on my way into the city. He was super excited and decided that we should go on a date as a real couple. I was happy, because I was finally some guy's girlfriend, or so I thought. Our date was lunch and a movie, where we fooled around and didn't see too much of the movie. I felt great after that and wanted a repeat, this time going much further than before.

We carried on a long-distance relationship for about four months until he decided to go see some girl in another state. I was incensed and wanted to reach my hand into the cell and strangle him. I did what every girl would do once some jerk breaks up with them, only mine turned into not eating as much or wanting to be around my coworkers. I had fallen out of love with my ex-coworker/roommate for undisclosed reasons and returned to my one true passion: writing. That was when I began to really consider leaving Michigan and return to Illinois, showing Billy and any other person I worked with that I was alright.

I had a glimpse of what happiness was, and lost it. I saw the red flags right away, and chose to ignore them. Looking back, we were both fools in lust and had selfish needs to satisfy. He's married now and with a kid living in Minnesota, and I'm still single. Shows what poor judgment gets a person who's desperate for attention. We haven't spoken since, and I would like to hear from him how he's doing and not hear through the grapevine.
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