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Crow a Love Story

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Crow a Love Story

A friend told me about all the noise by the flocks of Indian house crows.

Of how the British had brought them from India to their colonies in Africa, to be scavengers, and like most man- made solutions that can backfire, it did with the crows in eastern Africa.

Crows are known bullies and will, given the time, run off all other. They will eat the local birds eggs, raiding the nests for chicks, and eat all the local seeds too.
With the passing time, crows became pests and locals have been known to trap and even shoot the pesky crows ...

Here is the muse...

One day, it was summer if I remember correctly; one crow flew up into a tree in the yard of a beautiful woman with two small girls. She being a well known artist in the local area and her hidden passion, baking birthday cakes for all of her daughters friends.

This crow we will call Mfitini which in the Swahili language means "troublemaker”.

Each day Mfitini would fly to the tree in the back yard of the pretty artist. Some days he would only see her gang of dogs, and maybe her little girls.

He started to mess with her dogs first, to whistle and then fly down at them. Soon he would toss nuts to them, enjoying watching them eat.

All Mfitini wanted was to see the woman he had fallen in love with, to see her beautiful long wavy reddish hair, to hear her sweet voice as she talked to her staff, her girls, even her dogs.

Oh how Mfitini wanted to be even one of her dogs!

Days turned to months and his love grew for the "artist "

But alas there was but one problem, the locals did not like the crows at all and to his folly his "artist" was not only a pretty woman but a deadly shot too.

Poor Mfitini flew to his tree one last day, he sat on his branch all happy and in love, proclaiming loudly to her dogs below. He heard the door open, his love was coming outside, oh what glee!

Mfitini looked closer, what was she putting up to her shoulder?

Feathers floated to the ground as the pretty "artist" turned and said to her dogs “I hate bloody crows.”

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