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In This Moment

"Just Us"
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The soft caress of your thumb brushes along my hand, making my heartbeat thump hard. I blush, watching it move along the smoothness of my skin. You watch me, watching you and it makes you smile. Your eyes meet mine, pulling my gaze up to yours, I bite my lower lip becoming a little shy.

You lean in, your breath on my skin. I can feel it tickle against my lips, making me release my lower one. I know what is about to come. I want it, I really do. Don’t tease me please, not too much. You pull me closer, our bodies pressing together. You take my other hand and begin to caress me the same as the other hand. Our fingers are interlocked, your thumbs caressing.

I can feel your heartbeat against mine, almost matching the same pace. We've become so in sync. I tremble, the anticipation growing inside me, you’re teasing me, prolonging this for a reason. But finally, you make your move. You lean in, pressing your lips gently to mine.

We move together, our kiss so soft and light. The simple touch is what we crave the most; our lips dance together, working our tongues into the dance. A soft moan escapes my lips, making you lean in closer.

Finally you release my hands, wrap them around me, hold me close and kiss me a little deeper. My arms do the same, gripping at you with need. Our kiss growing, deeper with need. The dance is moving swiftly, perfectly, so fluidly.

Who knows how long it lasts, do we care? No, of course not. All we need is this, right now, right here. Don’t ever let it break; I want this with you forever, in this moment, in this time, you, me and our kiss.

Written By Poppet: For StoriesSpace ONLY! 


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