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You sit and wonder Which way you're going to turn What you're doing However, will you cope Stop and take a deep breath Close your eyes and feel You're never alone I'm close In your beating heart Feel me deep within The str...

Give your love to me.If you think I'm going to leaveyou are crazy.Give your love to me.I'll tuck you in bedkissing you.Holding you tight.Give your love to me.I adore but you.Think you going to lose....

Will You Be Mine? - Adrian Gabardo I think of you all day, It's like my thoughts have been washed out, Leaving nothing but you in my brain. You have no idea how much I long for you, To hold you in my arms, To kiss y...

I want to see your eyes smile at me I want to feel your hand taking mine I want you to hold me in your arms To feel your shake as I take you in mine I want my name upon your lips  As I say your name also I...

TaliaRussell 6 years ago


It's not my way

Take care of meI need you I will never say My fear is if I say itYou will run away Need is terrifyingBoth felt and as expressed It’s better to deny itAnd keep it well in check But sometimes I grow ti...

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Blood_Black_Rose 6 years ago


Just another poem

My heart flutters at the thought of you. My mind wanders of you while I seek the stars. My dreams are filled with your presence. I want you, I need you but I don't love you. My body aches for yours. As yours does for mine.

Poppet 8 years ago

The soft caress of your thumb brushes along my hand, making my heartbeat thump hard. I blush, watching it move along the smoothness of my skin. You watch me, watching you and it makes you smile. Your eyes meet mine, pulling my gaze up to yours, I bite my...