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Just A Little Tickle

"It was a cold and rainy night."
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Published 4 years ago

My Uncle Dave was an electrician by trade much like his father, my Grandpa Vernon. He retired from the power company and became a private electrician. One night we were in town for a visit to Grandma Mary and it came up a windy rain storm.

Uncle Dave came in and sat down and related the following story. He had just been called over to “Old Lady ___’s.” She had lost power during the storm and had called Dave to get her lights back on. He had found the problem; the wind had blown down the line between the power pole and the roof peak. In the gusty blowing rain, he got her house hooked up again.

The comment that stuck with me all these years was this: “I only got tickled once or twice.” Imagine handling hot electrical wires in the pouring rain, and you only got “tickled”!


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