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Anonymous 1 year ago

What weather brews?

An unexpected storm changed everything

What weather brewed behind me? I knew not. Maybe snow? Could fog be rolling in? Then thunder clapped. Lightning skittered across the sky causing me to turn toward reality. The wind -- she -- embraced me. The rain -- she -- fille...

Mendalla 3 years ago

Night of the Wind

A mysterious traveller heralds a strange evening in a small town

The rider came swiftly towards Avenigar. Keeping his horse at a fast trot, he reached the cluster of buildings that stood beyond the town’s West gate. Those buildings stood mostly empty and boarded up now that winter had arrived. During the summer, tho...

AnnaMayZing 3 years ago

The Storm

I wrote this story for a competition in the RNLI magazine 'Lifeboat'... It didn't win.

The rain lashed noisily against the windows and drummed upon the flat roof of the dormer. She pulled the blankets up over her head and tried to shut out the incessant din but it was no use. The howling wind whistled around the eaves reaching a th...

Anonymous 3 years ago

The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway

Rich girl wants him a wealthy writer. Best girl wants him a great writer. Which girl wins?

      The Importance Of Being Ernest Hemingway It happened at a Maryland yacht club after Labor Day, when summer lingers. Philip Wright was adjusting lines aboard his forty-something-foot sailing ketch. Suddenly dark-haired Adrienne Racine...

fuzzy1954 4 years ago

Route 66 Stormy

dark clouds in the distance

Route 66  Stormy As the wind changes from the east to the north.The road trip continues, the journey continues.Black clouds forming, touching the road ahead.In the last three miles, the temperature drops ten degrees.  One, t...

rbo 4 years ago

Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new life

Sailing away to a new lifeThere was a clash of thunder and a flash of lightning.  The rain lashed down, soaking Peter Donnie as he stood there looking back at the city.  His rucksack on his shoulder, and a carrier bag with some of his clothes “A...

Vern_Fawcett 4 years ago

Just A Little Tickle

It was a cold and rainy night.

My Uncle Dave was an electrician by trade much like his father, my Grandpa Vernon. He retired from the power company and became a private electrician. One night we were in town for a visit to Grandma Mary and it came up a windy rain storm.Uncle...

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You were a hurricane draped in lightning and walking on fire. An unstoppable force, a serious threat, yet also a mesmerizing sight. My heart clenched painfully, in fright and in awe. My instincts screamed to stay away yet I found myself inching closer.

Jane could not remember the last time she had enjoyed herself as much as she did during that day.The splint that she had fashioned before Victor found her was discarded. Using materials in his cabin, he fashioned a makeshift cast for her leg, and Jane...

Just as Margo stood to leave another crack of thunder shook the house and a bolt of lightening illuminated the street giving it the appearance of high Noon for a second. She sat back down and stared at her tea cup. "Please don't make me leave," sh...

A typical Spring storm with the usual high winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning were ravaging the city. A traveler's advisory was in effect and folks were encouraged to stay home and that suited Ian Vance just fine. There was no place he needed to be....

The slate grey clouds are running 'cross the skyWhile hail and rain bombard the ground belowAnd lightning bolts illuminate the showAs howling winds attempt to make me fly The cattle taking refuge where they canWild creatures hid...