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Lady in Red

"Picture Prompt 1"

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He saw her in the park on a sunny day, while he was just walking though to the other side where he lived in a block of flats. He came out from behind a few trees just after 6pm that late sunny afternoon, where he stopped in his footsteps to see a beauty that was led to him from heaven. OR so he believed. He wished he could picture this moment and let time stand still.

There she was, lying on a bench. Wearing a red dress, legs pulled a bit up that he could see her thighs down to her one side bum. Her hands were resting on her belly and her hair was just hanging down from the side of the bench.

She was beautiful. He sat down on the side of a tree and just watched her with a flutter going on in his insides... He was thinking of what she was doing there all by herself. Wondering what bought her to this side of the park. There was a kind of glow hanging around her like dusky brambles of magic coming down from the trees, he was sure he had never seen her here before.

He was wondering if she was asleep, because he was looking at her for 15 minutes and she has not moved a inch. He could see her chest moving up and down from her breathing. He was also thinking that how strange it was that the park was empty. As if today was just made for him to discover her. The Lady in Red, just like sleeping beauty.

He stood up and walked across the path road to where she was lying. He did not want to do what any other man would by going to stand at the end side of the bench to look down her dress, but went behind the bench and looked down at her beautiful peaceful face.

Her lips were red as wine and her checks blossomed, her hair dark brown. Her skin looked so soft and lightly tanned. Her hands that lay soft on her stomach to where her dress was folded under them showed a bit of her panties that he could see were red lace.

Not to awaken her was taking its toll on him. To kiss those soft lips and run his hand down those even softer legs would spoil the picture in front of him. So he took his cell phone and took a picture of her so that he would remember this day for as long as he lived.

The click sound from his phone didn't even waken her. So he walked around toe the opposite of her and got on his knees near her face. He traced her forehead down to the side of her checks to the top of her chin.

Now this did wake her, as he saw how slowly she opened her eyes. First looking up to the tree tops then she turned her face to his side and gave him a big smile, showing her white teeth, and her beautiful eyes. They were a soft green with little spice of brown yellow in the middle.

“Hi there, sleepy head,” he said as he stood up. Taking her hands in his, he pulled her up and sat down next to her.

“Hi, yourself,” she said as she took his arm to have a look as his watch, just to see what time it was.

“You feeling okay?” he asked as he put a flat hand on her forehead.

“Yes I am, I was just sitting here and felt so tired that I thought I could just lay down for a while,” she explained herself.

“You feeling better?” he asked as she looked at him and he saw her eyes that were just as beautiful as the rest of her.

Does me lady in red have a name?” he asked with a big smile.

“She does yes. I am Ann-Mari, and you are?”

“Roderick,” he said and brushed her hair away from her checks as he had to kiss her softly on those red lips.

She pulled away too late and he was waiting for a slap across his check, which did not happen. She just looked at him with a bigger smile.

“If you don’t have any plans for tonight, would you have some dinner with me? I would like to know you better,” he said as he stood up.

She sealed her lips tight as if thinking about what he just asked, and decided that as she was thinking of moving to this side of the city, it would be great to know someone here.

“Well!” he was waiting for her answer him, when she pulled him down to sit again.

“Roderick, you say you live around here?” She looked down on her hands that were on the sides of her resting on the bench. “Will you promise to show me around tomorrow as it is Saturday?”

“Only if you have dinner with me,” he asked and took her hand in his.

“Dinner it is then,” she said as she stood up. “I have an overnight bag in my car as I thought of spending the night in one of the hotels around here.”

“No need to, I have a spare room and you are welcome to stay over. I promise to behave and show you around tomorrow.”

“Let's have the dinner first and then see where we go from there,” she said. ©

Written by Petro
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