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Verity 2 months ago

I scream out in agony, he just smiles. I tell him I hate him, still, he smiles. The pain is so bad, it’s all his doing. Why did he do this to me, I hate him. No apology from the man who caused me so much pain. I scream out. “Get away from me,...

Brookell 7 months ago

A Life Well Lived

She sat in her chair ruminating over her life.

She smiled at many of her memories, including her childhood adventures even her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren only believed when they are very young.  Her brothers understood, since they shared those adventures, and often the three of...

MikeStone 2 years ago

The Café

From where she sat ... a wave of quiet rippled outwards languidly in the heavy heat of ... afternoon

From where she sat at a small round table in the center of the otherwise empty café a wave of quiet rippled outwards languidly in the heavy heat of the midsummer afternoon. I didn’t want to disturb the spell by entering the radius of that quiet, sit...

She smiles from deep within  Not caring who sees  She’s in love, my dear  For her heart is finally free   She fears no anger  Nor negative vibes  She has her prince  A love not all can find    She ignores the jabs  The...

mysteria27 5 years ago

A Beautiful Doe

A beautiful doe in my yard.

I saw her from my window She was hungry and looked at me She was a beautiful doe She was eating a leaf by the tree I went outside and she was very still I had some food for her to try I walked closer to her with great skill...

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TheGreatValette 5 years ago

Neon Love Pt II.

She stood like an elegant tribute to the glory of China

As the taxi made its way up the winding roads of Victoria Peak, Gael wondered which house the party was going to be in. He had scoped out many of them when he first arrived, but Victoria was a long trek from Kowloon for a poor young westerner without a ca...

Sherzahd 5 years ago


Nothing fancy, just written as part of a speech I gave for Woman's Day 2015

You are more than your skin – Hiding in shadows Beaten down by a world Driven by men whose  Prowess you threaten You are more than your painted lips – On a journey without a map A quest with no magic wand Instruction ma...