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Festival of Colors Hodi

Based off the first prompt picture

Such an array of colors fills the air, making everything beautiful. Vibrant colors fill the air like small puffs of clouds. Everything is in disarray and chaos, and yet somehow harmonic and orderly. I merely stand in awe at the spectacle, the festival of...

Happiness in the Village

Picture prompt 1 — The villagers woke with the spirit of the holidays

Happiness in the Village The geese woke the villagers on this crisp fall morning. Honking all in a perfect V flying south the new sun on their wings. The villagers woke with the spirit of the holidays. One after another a plume of smoke curled up from the...

Magic Of Love

Picture Prompt One

I have a desire for every inch of you. I need the smell of your breath on my needing lips. The taste of you under the covers, And I can feel your voice running through every fibre of my being. It’s the whispering way you tell me you love me that makes me...

When day is done and night time darkness fallsWe wait with trepidation for new sun.It's been so long since first we heard the callsAnd started losing people one by one.Outside they ramble through the dusky lightTheir screeches let us know we may not leave...