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Old Road

Old Road

This was written about driving from a Neil Diamond concert at NMSU in December 2002.

Old Road, -

In a true winter's dark, with a Harvest Moon hanging overhead shining its pale light. I find myself speeding through the winter's darkness, passing those barren harvested fields covered in frost. In this winter, dark the cleared fields cause me to stop, and for a moment, and Touch the Earth*. While standing here observing the fields in their coat of frost. In the distance, the whistle and headlight of a night train splits the darkness and the silence. Traveling through the night, it wakes echoes of long past memories, and the whistle sounds like a trumpet fading as it falls, sounding comfortable from long ago days. Hearing the clicking of the rails, as the train hurtles through the night have me harkening back to memories of times long ago.

Seeing the train's headlight, shining through this winter dark has me wondering if the angels will be here soon, under this harvest moon?

All colours are gone, having been bleached by the light of the pale-yellow moon, and leaving only; silver, grey, black, and white. Which has me thinking back of you, and has me wondering if the angels will bring changes for the better soon?

The night train draws closer and passes me, standing here in these frost-covered fields, and has me thinking of its destination. As it travels through this winter dark, under this harvest moon. As unbidden thoughts of past train whistles and clicking rails, come forth as comforting sounds from the past. When the angels came summoning Morpheus, to have us answer the Dream Lord's call.

As the harvest, moon in this winter dark, looks out on all it rules has me wondering if it truly sees all, and does it know or sense these thoughts of earlier times? Or is it seeing when to summon the angels to bring change? And is the train, also calling the angels to bring change soon under this harvest moon?

While the night train moves through the winter darkness, in the distance has me wondering if the angels have been called to be here soon? Out here on this road by these fields as all is being watched and ruled by the harvest moon. While the night train, is announcing things as it travels through; space, time, and memories. As well as these frost covered fields and has me wondering if the angels and change will both be coming soon? As I stand and record the stark beauty of the moment in these barren fields.

Feeling all the memories that come forward unbidden, as well as the thoughts of change, and thoughts of guardian angels and saints watching over us and seeing where we go. Has me answering the question with:” I don't know.”

As I climb back in, and, race off in the direction of the night train. Chasing after it past these frost covered fields through this winter dark and under the Harvest Moon.

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