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See Through

"…and the meek shall inherit the Earth."

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To everyone in the room, she seems like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie, but to me, she is so much more. 

This outwardly unassuming woman is not who she claims to be. She is not the woman everyone sees. They see the version she presents because she is so skilled at it. Years of practice have trained her to blend in; to give the people what they want to see. What would make them comfortable, so to speak.

Is the crowd quirky? Funny, so is she. 

Do you listen to Jazz? Don’t worry, she knows an obscure player along with the latest and greatest musicians. 

Always sweet as pie and smooth as honey. The chameleonic way she is able to shift herself and blend in is frightening to those that eventually see her.  

A smile curls my lips as I watch her snake her way through the crowd finding the right person to cozy up to. I will admit it’s done with a grace that I will never possess. She is subtle in her movements, even her casual clothing suggests that she is indifferent to things, but I know she’s not. This woman puts effort into it. 

I’ve seen her facade slip a few times over the years, but not many. We tend to avoid the same circles. It’s better for everyone if we do.

She charms her way in by being nonthreatening. That is something I’ve never had the ability to do. I rely on other assets if you know what I mean.

This one has caught the eye of a few people, they look at her with such long, almost in zealous admiration. Those she ignores. Too easy, what’s the fun in that? She seems to enjoy the challenge. The ones that think they are alphas. She loves to prove them wrong.

My presence is finally felt by her and I watch as she turns to find me in the crowd. Her head tilts to the side and her hair cascades down, hiding part of her face, leaving it in shadows. Her smile starts to grow, transforming her normally beautiful face to the one underneath. 

There is an evil glint in her bright eyes that shines for me and I grin as the succubus shows her true face. Even for the briefest of moments.

I hold up my drink and nod towards her. She flashes a wink of recognition to me before I turn my attention to the little blond in the corner. 

Moments later, I smile as I watch the red hoodie disappear out the door closely followed by a tall older man. It appears we will both be feasting tonight. 


Written by Molly
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