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Women Stories


See Through

…and the meek shall inherit the Earth.

To everyone in the room, she seems like just a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie, but to me, she is so much more.  This outwardly unassuming woman is not who she claims to be. She is not the woman everyone sees. They see the version s...


Lights in the Darkness

Lights calling out into the dark

Men are simple creatures lost in the darkness And Women are the light that disrupts that darkness   Some are Fireflies their light soft and momentary Only illuminating the darkness in brief flashes But those moments are enough for some to stay with the Fi...

What is it

Yes, I would have it no other way

I think I have came upon the answer that not only historians, but the women of the world have asked since the beginning of time. From the second that parents find out they are going to have a daughter, it immediately starts. She has such a wonderful futur...

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 02, Hot Fries and Cold Beer

Cruising and talking about life, two women, and one mixed-up guy.

He’d left the dance early, needing to be alone, to think, to sort out his emotions. Then he got hungry. The one place still open was the all-night, Hilltop Café Motel and Truck Stop.With the country club dance still going on, the over air-conditioned, neo...

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Women: Stream of Conciousness

A steam of conciousness about women

I feel like I, wait; I feel obligated to set the record straight on my view on women; The old goddesses. Because I have been known to publicly spew comments which seem to be of pure "this kid's got mommy issues" essence. The thing is...I hate...