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I am shy, awkward, random, humorous, caring, protective, creative, strong, clumsy, clever, observant, honorable, stubborn, trustworthy, and witty just to name a few.

Fantasy, horror, mystery, science fiction and bunch more

Favorite Books
I love a variety of different books.

Favorite Authors
Which means I love a variety of different Authors.

Favorite Movies
Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Clue, Reservoir Dogs, are some of my favorites.

Favorite TV Shows
I don't watch a lot of TV mostly football (soccer) and American Horror Story.

Favorite Music
I love all kinds of music from 20's to today.
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The Blue Boy

Those eyes seem to follow me...

My sister Sally and I stood in our grandmother’s darkening living room staring at the wall. Staring at the painting to be exact. The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough or as I referred to it Nightmare Fuel. Our mother used to send us to our grandmother Rose’...

Dolls In The Dark

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought.

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought. She was sure she heard the delicate sounds of pitter-patter across her hardwood floors.  With a shaking hand, she grabbed her phone and prayed to God that nothing had touched her. Emma’s fingers slid silent...

You are toxic,Stepping in and out of my life,Treating me as your own personal retreat. All consuming,Taking your fill until there is nothing left,Nothing left but an empty shell,Leaving me to heal,Leaving me to save the damage that you cause. How do you f...


TV Series