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You will never know when you fall for the wrong one.

“Hey! Bata.” I greeted Nora who sat on the porch and sipped her tea. She was in her white pajamas and t-shirt. I wanted to tease her about cleavage but it was my last time meeting her so decided not to annoy her.

“Hey! Little boy.” She greeted me back and pointed at the empty chair opposite to her.

It was a lovely evening and she had off from work so I wanted to spend some time with her before going to states. She seemed to be relaxing and was enjoying the cold breeze.

“It’s going to rain again?” I asked as I took a seat. The aroma of the tea filled my nose. It must have been her favorite green tea. I wondered how she drank it without adding sugar.

“It will Hope it pours. I love rain.” She answered. there was some emptiness in her eyes but I couldn’t decipher precisely what it was about.

“Is it Genamaicha?”

“It is, do you want some?”

“No thank you, I am more of a sweet person.” I took a bite of the kwek kwek which was placed on the table.

“Hahaha, I am sweet too, Guss.”

“Really, let me taste you!” I came forward with my lips protruding and she slapped my cheeks softly.

“You always are joking. Why don’t you try this with other women?” she questioned taking a sip from her glass.

“Isn’t it bitter? You drink as though it’s some kind of Juice. If I were you I would wince at every sip”. I knew, she would find it, she always does.

“You aren’t answering Mister!”

“Oops! what was the question your highness?” she didn’t repeat it but glared at me.

“Okay Okay…” I leaned back in my chair and looked at the garden. It started to drizzle and the aroma of the wet mud overpowered the aroma of the tea.

“I can’t,” I answered.

“Dooshite, ” She asked in Japanese. As we both were Japanese animation fans, sometimes we borrowed a few words.

“Um, I don’t know.” I kept blank face even though I knew the answer.

It happened long back when I met her in the hospital. I was new and they put me under her for training. She was a vibrant workaholic, straight forward and could be ruthless at times, heard all this during the lunch break from her subordinates. It was same as when Obito was assigned a mission with Kakashi. They gave me weird looks when I was smiling thinking about the animation.

“You are the new guy?” she asked me looking at the file in her hand. There were my name and my qualifications. She seemed impressed with my track record but then she folded it and gave it to the person who kept records.

“Yes, I am Augustus and…”

 “Look I am your mentor so, try to be sincere with me and don’t slack around. Learn what you could quickly and be helpful.” She was strict yet there was something about her. Maybe you could say love at first sight. The way she talked and the way she worked around the hospital every detail made me fall for her. Many were envied about her progress yet they were dependent on her. In that whole month, I learned everything about her and was deeply falling in love with her.

After three months…

“You are pretty good and you should try studying further,” she said to me. It was break time and we were in the cafeteria.

“I applied and it’s going to take time maybe another six months. How about you?” I answered. In all those months every minute I spent with her tried my best to know her but whenever I felt I knew all about her, she would surprise me. Later I found that she had a goal and she wasn’t interested in relationships and all. I didn’t pursue her yet I couldn’t resist my feelings too.

We became so close, we hung around as like other couples but we weren’t. Many of our interests matched and we used to laugh about it. She knew that I had feelings for her but she never entertained them. We became best friends forever.


“HEY! Where are you?” She stroked my hand.


“It’s fine. Were you thinking about Rom again?”

“Stop it. No, I am not and…” I was annoyed although I wanted to say to her that I love her not Rom. I felt I couldn’t stay more. Staying more with her might change my decision of leaving so I got up and hugged her. She could feel my longing for her yet she didn’t show it.

“Soon I will find a right guy for you, umm do you want a bald guy? I heard woman drool over them.” I asked her, controlling my tears. Anytime they were going to explode and might ruin the whole evening for her. I couldn’t look straight into her and ran out in the rain facing the droplets. Thankfully it started to pour now.

“YOU DON’T NEED TO HIDE THEM, WE BOTH KNOW IT. AND I AM OKAY WITH ANY GUY AS LONG AS HE RESPECTS ME AND LOVES ME AS MY KIND NEED TO BE.” Her eyes as bright as I first saw her. I was always moved by her words and her thoughts.

“It’s time, I will go now"

“Take care and keep in mind that, I miss you.” she said and she turned away and wiped her tears.


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