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11 months ago

A Winter's Day

this crap isn't helping my self-esteem one damn bit, she thought in a burst of bitter self-pity

The weak light from a leaden sky revealed a scattering of forlorn leaves clinging to the dark, wet limbs of trees bordering a deserted playground and half-empty parking lot. Cold, misty rain and swirling winds hastened the inevitable outcome of this doome...

The tears I not let fall As I look at your pictures The smiles Our laughter Your song of love Never leaving my mind Touching tenderly My heart cries for you Souls forever one No The tears I not let fall

One never knows when they occur but sometimes they do, Teardrops fall, she won’t talk at all, and I wish I knew. What causes her such misery? One never knows what emotional scars have been her due, Night falls and her crying calls for justice and life ane...

3 years ago

Tears and Rain

Sometimes a song can say it so much better.

Every raindrop from the skytouching this desiccated earth. Brings fresh verve, causing a sigh.Damping a place, so flowers grow. Like every teardrop from her eye,touches this bruised parched heart. Sowing seeds to make her garden grownever meaning to cause...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Unknown Feelings

Sitting here in the dark.

Missing you,Needing you,Wanting you,Knowing I cant have you,Which causes me to want you more,We were there for each other,Through it all,Deaths,Injuries,Tears,We had each other at our highest moments,And tried to at our lowest,We have hurt each other,In m...

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4 years ago

Lost it

Problems solved at the bottom of the cup?

Fully dressed in make upBarely dressed in clothes.When will you wake up?And know there's more to life than a poseTequila shots after a break up,Man left you for whores.The road to success is bumpyAnd full of potholesDon't waste your life worryingAbout fil...

If he knew it was going to be his last movie, Oshiro Akiyama would have watched something more uplifting than a horror. Oblivious to the dangers that awaited him in his own home, he walked casually into his one bedroom apartment and locked the door behind...

Anonymous 5 years ago


You will never know when you fall for the wrong one.

“Hey! Bata.” I greeted Nora who sat on the porch and sipped her tea. She was in her white pajamas and t-shirt. I wanted to tease her about cleavage but it was my last time meeting her so decided not to annoy her. “Hey! Little boy.” She greeted me back and...