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Will You?

Walking from the kitchen, Sophie slaps the light switch down, darkening the space behind her. Moving slowly about the living room, Sophie's eyes land on her upside down cell on the end table next to the recliner. Picking up the phone, Sophie collapses onto the sofa then collects herself into its corner. Shaking off pink flip flops, Sophie rests her bare feet up onto the cushion and looks at her phone, no new text message.

Sophie diverts her eyes in disappointment to the remote at the other end of the sofa but decides against reaching for it to turn on that distraction. Instead Sophie slides the phone's screen up and down, glancing over the many applications before losing her internal battle to refrain from sending Ty a text. It had been three hours since they last spoke and it was 2:59 minutes too long. Upon ending their earlier conversation, Ty vaguely told her he had something to "handle", he'd see her later. Giving in to weakness, Sophie presses each letter with a playful intention.

"Do something with me?"
"Yes” returns, quickly followed by “what?" 
"Dance with me close, lovingly, slow”
“Yes, when?” looks back at her, not an 'I can’t' or 'don’t know'

Sophie smiles hard and types,“Do something with me?”
“Yes” returns not so quickly but still again, “what?”
“Walk with me, when the weather warms, to talk and exercise”
"Yes, I would love that, tell me where, what time"

With a school girl giggle, Sophie continues"Do something for me?”
“Yes, what is it?” he answers, still open to her whim
“Leave a message, so I'll have your voice”, another connection to him
“Sure, don’t pick up,” then seconds later, her telephone rings

Giddiness on full display as the message indicator,Bing Bings
Anxiously dialing to retrieve, anticipating his voice to be heard
With closed eyes listening intently, absorbing every word
"Do something for me Sophie, I need you in my world"
"For the rest of my life, will you be my girl?”

Sophie's smile levels as she listens once more
"Did he just..."Then dials faster than ever before
Off the sofa, with each ring anxiously pacing the floor
No answer but startled by the knock on her door

Opens door to be greeted with her favorite food and ring
Sophie's breathing quickens from what she is seeing
Ty holds her close, lovingly in lieu of bending knee
In a strong embrace, says softly“I love you Sophia, will you marry me?”

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