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Phone Stories


The Peeping Tom

A story my stepdaughter told me.

A cute little tale with a hint of naughtiness...Despite my divorce from my first wife, I stayed in contact with her and her two daughters. They knew if there was a problem that needed my particular brand of problem solving that I was just a phone call awa...

Can't call for help

Oh NOS! Where did it go?

.I step slowly from the cab,Generously paying the tab, The drivers kind of cute, Not paying attention while I gab. Tell the cabbie, thank you ma'am, Handing her a few clams, Stepping out of the car The door shuts with a slam. There's a tablet here, I know...

The phone call

The phone call you don't want

It is always hard to get that call the one you know what's it for how do you answer it The phone rings the throat is dry can't pick up the phone how do I answer What do you say hello hey what's up You think can it be something else can there be good news ...

Angry Birds: Poem Edition

An epic but humourous poem about the famous iPhone and Android game Angry Birds

They have stolen from us one last time.Tonight is the night we attack and flyAnd they shall pay for this grievous crimeNow is the moment those green bastards die. We hear the mighty sprang as we soarHitting them in clusters and hitting them hardThe loud s...