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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Two

"D'amieeh unexpectedly ran into someone she wasn't ready for."
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After a day and a half of unboxing, with a little help from her sister Tylay, D'amieeh forgot all about packing for her trip to Paris. At 3:45 am, Dami phone rings, playing Drake - Worst Behavior.
"What the?" D'amieeh moaned as she rolled over to grab her cell off the night table. Trying to focus to see who was calling, she gave up and just answered.

"Who the hell is this?" she groaned

"Cousin! Etes-vous pret a venir?"

Dami switched her phone to her other ear as if she would be able to hear more clearer on the other side. "Say what now?"

"Are you all ready to come?"


"Yeah!" he answered
D'amieeh throws her legs over the side of her large king size bed, glanced at her phone to check the time.

"Boy, what the hell? Do you know it's only 3:48 in the morning?"It's after 0900 hours here. Get up!" he demanded

"I don't know what the hell that mean. I'm still in America, and American time says, almost 4 in the got'damn morning."

"Arretez les conneries!"

"And it's too early for French shit!" she snapped, almost choking after sipping some water from her night table.

"No playing Dami. You flight leaves there in few hours. Don't miss it."

"Wait, where are you? Are you in France or Czech Republic?" she asked while fighting to keep her eyes open.

"France. Told you I be here for you first battle. So you better no miss it. Ow and don't worry bout hotel. I got it already."

"Is it a nice Hotel? Cause I know some of them hotels there be..."

"D'AMIEEH!" barked Radek, growing impatient

"AIGHT aight, I'm up damn it!" she gives herself a nice back stretch, scratching her right side of her booty cheek. "Haven't talked with you for how long? And you didn't even asked me how my move here to Canada was." she babbled

"I don't care about that right now. We talk about that when you get here. Right now, I need you to get you shit packed cause I know it's not, and head to the airport. It takes at least an hour making through customs." Radek instructed as he shuffled with his phone. D'amieeh pulls her scarf off her head, as she struggles to stand on her feet.

"Alright Radek. I'mma finish packing now."

"I'll be waiting when you get here. Can't wait to see you cousin."

After hanging up with her cousin, Dami just stood in one place, looking over her room to notice that she had a lot to pack. "TYLAAAAH!" she yelled as she headed to the hallway. She busted in her guest room and flicked on the bright light where her sister was sleeping. "Ty, wake up. I need help packing. My flight leaves in 4 hours." 

Tylah opened one eye, frowning at the bright light that was shining in her face. "Good luck with that." she remarked as she turned over, pulling the covers over her head.

"No, Ty come on. Help me please!" Dami begged as she left the room, entering the bathroom.

"I swear this heifer gonna make me through her out this damn window." mumbled Tylah as she threw the covers off and jumped to rescue her sister from baggage anxiety.

D'amieeh was running late getting to the airport. She just made it through customs and was the last to enter her plane. Out of breath, she took a set in the center lane in coach, next to a man that clearly had a long travelers odor. "Damn!" she mumbled, shaking her head as she stared at the man's side face, frowning, trying not to say anything rude. "Excuse me, sir, do you mind moving down a seat?" she asked, trying to give a polite smile.

"Oui m'dame. Pas de problem."

"Merci beaucoup." she replied, trying to make herself comfortable for this 8 and a half hours flight.

D'amieeh finally landed in Paris. While waiting at the luggage carousel, she glanced at her watch which said 4:58 pm, then looked at the clock hanging by the security desk that read 23:00. She took her phone out of her back pocket to change her time to military time but noticed her phone automatically changed itself. Feeling weak and dehydrated, D'amieeh worked her way through the airport foot traffic. Having problems pulling her luggage, she kept dropping her carry-ons that she placing on top of her pull along suitcases.

"Hey! Excusez-moi! You dropped this!" yelled a French accent voice

Not really wanted to respond, Dami turns to see if they were speaking to her. As she studied the tall, thin male figure that was jogging towards her, she gasped as her hands weaken and let go of the handles from her suitcases.

"You dropped this." he said, giving her a friendly smile. Handing over her passport that she dropped a few steps back. Dami threw her hands over her nose and mouth while her eyes stretched wide as if she was taking her last breath.

"OW...MY...G...I mean, thank you." she corrected, as she reached out to shake his hand and grabbed her passport.

"No worries." he said, starring down at her as if he knew her from somewhere.

"LARRY! Aren't you Larry from Les Twins?" she asked but already knew. It wasn't like his wild bushy hair gave him away, but the fact that she been obsessed with them for a few years, she should know by now. He winked at her and gave a slight nod.

"So you can tell apart?" he asked as he picked up her handles to her suitcases.

"OF COURSE...I mean, of course." she expressed, trying to calm her excitement. "I been following you guys since 2008," She fought not to make eye contact

"Ow really. We were not known in the United States then," said Larry, puzzled, slowly walking with D'amieeh towards the exit of the airport, pulling one of her suitcases.

"No, I know, but since I know French, I watch a lot of the battles on foreign websites. Plus, my cousin who's bout to pick me up, is a hip hop dancer himself, so I kind of keep up with the industry." she babbled, still in shock to even be having a conversation with him at this moment. "But I have family here. They live on Rue de l'Indépendance," she explained.

"Ow in Bobigny?" he asked in reassurance


"Dats like, 30 minute from Sarcelles. I been dat way but not much." Larry slowly continued walking with Dami to the door. He goes on about what part of Paris he be at the most. D'amieeh is just in all her glory. With a smile on her face, she watches Larry's lips move, but she honestly doesn't hear much of his broken English coming out them. The only thing coming across her mind was pushing his ass against the wall and go hoover on them sexy pink lips of his.

"Did you hear me?" asked Larry as he stopped and waved his hands in front of her face, smirking

"Huh...What'chu say?" trying to gather herself, D'amieeh gave him an embarrassed smile, knowing in the back of her head, he knew she was fantasizing about him.

"What you here for? Visiting family?" he questioned

"Yeah, well no, but not really." said D'amieeh, nervously trying to give him a short and sweet answer without babbling on. Larry raised his eyebrows and side smirked, knowing her answer didn't make sense but didn't want to embarrass her any farther by saying so.

"Sorry," she chuckled "I'm doing a dance battle but I'mma visit family while I'm here."

"Dat was much better." joked Larry "So you gonna be in da Worldwide Street Dance Festival?

"Yeah," said Dami, as she stumbles out the front main entrance. "I'm nervous, though. This is my first battle. Like ever." Larry grabbed the other suitcase out her hand and pulled both out the door.

"Never be nervous. You no even look at da crowd. When you done, just stand dere like you look right through dem. And keep you legs together so they can't kick between dem." explained Larry while pushing the handles down, taking a set on top of her suitcase. Dami, dropped her carry-ons bags next to him.

"Huh! What, they gonna try to kick me in my..."

Larry busted out laughing. "No no no, not kick you dere, it's just a disrespect move!" he continues to laugh. "Wait, you name is?" D'amieeh smiled and shyly gave Larry her name.

"Dats different. What it mean?"

"Don't get me lying cause I don't have the slightest." joked Dami as she ignored her cell phone that started vibrating.

"Well anyway, maybe I'll see you. You already know we gonna be dere. My babies Waydi and Bouboo and I think few more from Criminalz gonna battle. You know dem?" questioned Larry, crossing his arms, started looking through his phone.

"You know I do. You all put together a show I seen a while back." she so proudly announced

Without moving his head, Larry looked up from under his eyebrows at D'amieeh and studied her silky, beautiful, mocha skin. Noticing her chinky, deep dark brown eyes, glancing down to her thick, curvaceous body.

"Are you cold?" he questioned, watching her rubbing her arms for warmth

"Yeah, it's a little chilly, but then again, it is April."

Larry grabs a blue and black flannel button up out his backpack. "Here put this on." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him. While he tried to help her put on the long sleeves, D'amieeh tilted her head. "Really Larry." she chuckles in nervousness "You know I can't fit your damn shirt, but thank you for the thought."

Larry completely ignored her comment and easily slide her arms in the shirt. "Perfect fit." he said, throwing her a big smile before looking back down at his phone.

"Thank you Larry." she said, starring at him still in disbelief, fiddling with the bottom put of the shirt.

"No problem," he said as he looked up at her. After at least 3 minutes of silent, he tilted his head, still giving her a hard look over. "I know you from somewhere, don't know from doe."

Dami smiled, "I was at a workshop yall did in the Czech Republic." she answered

"Ow shit," Larrys eyes widen "I remember dat. Dat was a while ago."

D'amieeh seem to finally loosened up and set on the other suitcase next to him. "Yup, 2009. I remember that like yesterday. And your English was way worse." she joked

Larry laughed, "I know, I know...I do better doe."

"LARRY! Venez sur l'homme, Laurent cherchait pour vous!" yelled a voice coming from across the street. Running up to Larry, Dami noticed the guys' face. It was Regi. One of the guys from Criminalz Crew.

"Lau a dit viens. Rochka déjà revint." said Regi as he smacked hands with Larry and gave him a shoulder dap. He turned at D'amieeh, smiled and gave her a slight nod. She smiled and nodded back.

"Salut vous, Regi .."

He looked surprised that she knew his name. His smile widened as he shook her hand. Larry smirked as he looked down at her while he stood up. "Elle danse dans le festival Wide street dance mondiale." snitched Larry, fixing his backpack.

"Ow you dancing at da Festival dis weekend?" questioned Regi, with that strong French accent

"Yeah, I am! Nervous though."

Larry started to walk away, "Nah, you good. Like I said, No nervous."

D'amieeh just looked down at her shoes, shaking her head. "Yeah, we'll see." she mumbled

"Nice talking with you!" yelled Larry as he headed across the street with Regi. Not wanting her conversation with him to end, she just threw him a wave. Still ignoring the vibration from her phone, she heard a voice yell out to her.

"Got'damn it D'amieeh! I been calling you for 20 minute!" yelled Radek, as he jumped out his car. D'amieeh paid her cousin no attention while she studied Larry every move as he got into a small, black Mercedes Benz.

"I went in waiting, didn't see you, came outside, didn't see you. I not know how you got passed me." babbled Radek as he fought to make room for D'amieeh's suitcases in his trunk. She didn't glanced once at her cousin, who she haven't seen in years, but kept her eyes on Larry until his vehicle pulled off. Noticing Dami staring at him, Larry winked at her and threw her a smile. The weight of her body became weak, so she leaned on the side of her cousin's car.

"DAMI!" yelled Radek as he stepped in her view. "Are you ok?"

"OMG, do you know who I was talking to all this time? That was Larry! she said excitedly pointing in the direction his car went.

"O....K....and it's nice seeing you too cousin." Radek started walking to the drives side, but Dami stopped him.

"Aww, I'm sorry...Gimmie kiss. I missed you." joked D'amieeh as she pulled on his arm and jumped on his back.
"Nah, get off. You too busy in Les Twins face." joke Radek, trying to shake Dami off his back.

"I'm sorry boo." she kisses him on his cheek, and ran to the passenger side. "Wait til I tell the girls. This is too crazy." she giggled

"You still in love with dem fools? Damn girl, you got it worse den I ever though."

"Shut up and drive boy." she laughed as she pulled her phone out, scrolling through her contacts.


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