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On the mountain. Part 3

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Jane could not remember the last time she had enjoyed herself as much as she did during that day.The splint that she had fashioned before Victor found her was discarded. Using materials in his cabin, he fashioned a makeshift cast for her leg, and Jane was able to walk without pain.


At night they talked for hours about every subject under the sun, Victor was well versed on a variety of subjects. He shared stories about the places he had visited and Jane shared hers. Like her he loved to investigate allegedly haunted places and had traveled the world seeking them out.


"Ah, the glory days of early air travel. Stewardess served tea in real china cups and saucers and there was real silverware on the tray," he mused on an evening.


"It would have been nice to have seen it," Jane responded.


"Oh, it was. At first, there were cabin boys on the flights to attend to the passengers. The "Sky Girls" came later. Did you know that they were all registered nurses and their uniforms looked positively military?"


Jane fixed him with another look.


"Well that's what I read," he quickly added.


"I have lost all my sense of direction since I fell. So tell me, just how far is that castle that everyone denies exists?"


"About a two miles away and its all uphill. The path is not well defined as you have learned, and you were only at the foothills, it grows more treacherous the higher you climb and in Winter it is near impossible."


"I take it that you've been there?"


"Yes, but that was years ago."


"You didn't see the Frankenstein monster stomping around?"


"Not really."


"I can't wait until I see it."


"It will be some time before you can make that journey," Victor informed her.


Jane's face took on a sad look and Victor attempted to brighten her mood.


"There is a meadow with small pond just over the rise. Why don't we go on a picnic?"


That suggestion did the trick and Jane spent the evening packing while Victor cooked. That evening he presented her with a pair of crutches that he had made by hand and would aid with her walking.


They set out just after breakfast and in under a half an hour they arrived at the location, it was even more beautiful than Victor had described. They spent the day soaking up the sun, fishing and talking.


"I wish I had packed my bikini," she commented.




"I need to get some sun on my legs, maybe even go for a dip."


That water is fed from two sources. An underground stream and the water coming from the melting ice in the mountains. It is always very cold, well below fifty degrees."


"You know if you had the internet, plumbing and electricity you would have the perfect place."


Victor suddenly stood up and sniffed the air and his face took on a worried look.


"What's wrong?" she asked when she noticed the worried look on his face.


"A storm is coming and it's going to be a bad one. We better get packed up," he responded with his eyes on the horizon.


The tone of his voice spurred Jane into action and she began to pack. Suddenly he grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her to her feet.


"Leave it and head for that cave we passed as fast as you can," he ordered her.


"What about you?"


"I'll be right behind you."


It was then that Mother Nature began to draw her blind across the sun. The temperature dropped and the sky turned dark and began to rumble. Jane moved quickly on her crutches and reached the cave just as the rain and wind came up.


She looked through the driving rain for any sign of her new friend, there was none. She tried called his name but the thunder swallowed up her cry. Bolts of lighting began to rain down and strike all over the meadow.


Jane began to worry about Victor and left the safety of her cave to discover his fate. Jane hobbled as best she could back to the meadow through the driving wind and rain and stopped dead as she cleared the trees.


There standing in the meadow with his head and hand raised to the sky was Victor, and there were bolts protruding from his neck. Before she could speak a bolt of lightening appeared and struck him on one of the bolts. There was a cracking sound followed by a peel of thunder and Victor bent at the waist monetarily before standing up right again.


Victor saw her standing there watching him and he fixed her with a sad look. Jane turned to run from the sight before her, but slipped on the wet grass and struck her head. She passed into oblivion as the storm raged on.



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