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It’s my first time, I’m nervous. I shouldn’t be, I’m sure he knows what to do. Hope he’s gentle with me. I don’t know why I left it so late in life. I feel foolish for not doing it sooner. I’m shaking; I don’t want to mess up my first time. I don’t wan...

Even if our shaken world crumbles into nothingness life goes on in the Universe. Even if the generous sun does not find us tomorrow light goes on in the Ether. Even if we cease to be our energy circles other orbs and blends into...

Hubert Granise, pacing the length of his pleasant lamp-lit library, paused to compare his watch with the clock on the chimney-piece. They were both in perfect sync just as they were when last he compared them only two minutes earlier. ‘Damn,' he tho...

Kiera 1 year ago

Fine Wine

Do you look back as I do, and think our teenage years were crazy?

Has it been twenty years?It doesn't seem that long.Since we got tattoos in Blackpooland danced to Rosie Gaines songs. Rollercoasters, bumper cars,it's all a little hazy.Do you look back as I do,and think our teena...

I see the hours stretching ahead, sometimes hurrying, sometimes slowing down, falling beyond and behind... Still, I know their aim  is to reach destination and this signals the end, the end of time and life, the end of the journ...

Anonymous 2 years ago

A Mate To My Soul

A poem written long ago that I share with you today. Originally written as a song.

Look, I know you are someone else’s Valentine For the rest of the year, can I imagine you are mine?  We both decided, we will try and fight i...

verbal 3 years ago


Perhaps clocks weren’t misbehaving. Perhaps time was.

Clocks had a way of misbehaving in the house. Clocks often misbehave, particularly mechanical ones. The clock in the car that is two or three minutes slower than the clock last spied before leaving the house. The clock on the oven timer that never q...

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Moments Of being scared Being in a fog of uncertainty  Not having control Moments Of reaching out Of believing Of holding on and refusing to give up Moments Of laughter Joy Tears And rage Moments To live Gro...

Hold me in your arms So tight My head upon your chest Our heartbeat is one With body heat for warmth We have just begun Time becomes endless Hours seem like minutes That pass one by one Content Our heart grows with pride

fuzzy1954 3 years ago

Phoenix Love

Not two but one

As we walked through the flames of time Searching for  Our true one  Love    Hand in hand  Coming through Stronger Renewed Pure Not as two  But as one Love    Phoenix sings Wings spread wide Warmed by ...

fuzzy1954 3 years ago


We all need more time

We all watchtimeas it dragsas it slipswe are notthe master oftimeat a young agecount the timetill your 16then 21timewalking down the aislethe sound of your...

CKAcres 3 years ago

Another Time Another Universe

Maybe in another time, in another universe things will be perfectly clear.

In that other universe, we are the lucky ones. In that other universe, we have finally made it. In that other universe, we never experienced what we experienced here. Life never weathered or hardened us the way it did, it never dug into the depths o...

tonyal 4 years ago

Everlasting Friendship

For a spiky haired kid who took a chance on a friend

I wish you could see what you mean to meWhere we have gone and where we will beWe were two souls connected in the nightAn email that started a friendship so right Tears, laughter, and naughty things Fun times, joys, and st...