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Snow White: The Evil Queen (Part 1)

A twist on an old tale.

Part 1

Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a beautiful young girl named Snow White. She was named due to her very fair skin that was as white as the shining white snow of the winter wonderland where she lived. Her lips were the colour of blood and her eyes shone like blue sapphires. Although she was beautiful, she was quite cruel. Her father had not long remarried and his new queen was not all she seemed. Snow White's stepmother seemed nice enough to her father's face but once his back was turned, she saw the hatred and cruelty within her eyes much like her own. Oh, how she wished she could connect with her new stepmother and see where things would lead.

One morning while the queen was brushing her hair, Snow White thought she would bring her a gift. She had gone to the garden and picked a bunch of the best roses that grew there and bound them with a white ribbon. Snow White knocked on her stepmother's door and was beckoned inside. Once inside the queen's face twisted in anger at the sight of the beautiful girl. Snow White presented her with the roses that the queen snatched out of her hand and threw on the floor and stomped on them. Snow White's face lite up at the sight of her stepmother stamping the flowers into bits.

The queen was quite taken aback by the response of the young girl. The queen was so unsure of what to do or say, she sent the young girl from her room. The queen walked to her mirror that was a magical mirror and asked, “Magic mirror on the wall who is the cruellest of them all?” to which the mirror would normally reply with, “you, my lady are cruellest of all.” But on this day, it was not the case. Instead, the mirror replied, “it was you but now there is another as cruel as you so that now makes two”. While speaking the mirror showed a picture of the fair princess. The queen was enraged at first but then she had an idea, with a smile she swung away from the mirror and walked away.

The queen wanted to be the cruellest of all and so she called forth her huntsman. “Huntsman, take the princess into the forest and kill her and bring back her heart” screamed the queen at the huntsman. The huntsman agreed without hesitation and left the queen. The huntsman told the princess, they were going to find some wild flowers for the queen. The princess agreed to go with him but unbeknown to him the princess had a dagger in her skirt. Before he could slice her open, Snow White swung wide with the dagger in her hand and sliced the huntsman across the throat. The princess watched in wonder as the huntsman dropped to his knees, then toppled over...dead.

Snow White finally made her way back to the castle and went straight to her stepmother's room and knocked on the door once more. Again, she was invited in but once the queen saw her, the shock was as clear as day on her face. “Stepmother, I have brought you another gift. I hope this one pleases you more than the last.” with that said Snow White presented the queen with a box with wildflowers on top. The queen was interested in the box and so didn't throw it away but instead carefully opened the box to find a still bleeding human heart with a small dagger stabbed through it. The queen smiled and tears ran down her face. “Thank you, my sweet” was all the queen could say.

Deep in the forest, seven little men lived. They had heard about the cruel princess from the animals in the forest and how she would catch them and hurt them and even kill them in horrible sorts of ways. The seven little men had an idea and thought they would take the princess and bring her to the forest and teach her to be good and gentle like a princess was supposed to be. They just hoped they weren't too late and they could save her from the queen's influence once and for all. Then the kingdom would thrive and the happiness would spread all across the land, as it had once, long ago.

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