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Silent Nightmare part 2

Tags: bar, humor
Contributing Authors: frogprince 

Amber Khory sat at table where Kale escorted her, while her friend Jess and her boyfriend James danced. She didn't want to go out, but Jess wouldn't take no for an answer and dragged her along. Now her ass killed her and she was slightly drunk. She wasn't drunk yet, but she felt it approaching.

Coming back from the girls' room, Kale stopped her before she reached the table. "Do I need to drive you home? I don't want a repeat of the last time; I let you anywhere near beer. You were lucky you didn't die," he said with worry on his face.

Amber pushed against his chest and crossed her arms, as she glared at him. "Oh don't you dare give me that look," he snapped. "Someone needs to keep an eye out for you and that is me," he said pointing to himself. "If you need help going home tonight then motion for me or text and I'll get Katie to cover for me, while I run you home."

Letting out a heavy sigh, she turned and headed back to the table with Kale following behind her. Once he knew she was fine by herself, he went back to work. Amber pulled out a note pad from her back pocket. While in the bathroom, she got an idea for a mirror frame and wanted to write down her ideas for it before they left her mind.

The blaring live country music helped get her creative juices flowing. She was at it once again, with a new idea that could get her enough money to pay her rent for the next two months. Amber didn't know what made her look up, but when she did, a tall, dark haired guy stood before her, which surprised her. A soft gasp left her lips, before she could control it and then fear kicked in.

It was almost a year since a stranger came up to her at the bar. The last time someone came up and talked to her, she ran off scared. She hated it, when people found out about her disability. No one liked to see the pity or the uncomfortable feeling in other people's eyes. Only Amber's closest friends knew the truth about her.

So, the image of a cute tall guy standing before her got Amber nervous. Please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me, she thought repeatedly. When he sat in front of her, she knew she was in trouble. She couldn't take her eyes off him and neither could he.

Needing something to do with her hands, she put her note pad away. She ran her hands up and down her pants leg to dry them off. Who was this guy and what did he want? Why did Jess have to drag her here? Before she could make her escape, the guy leaned onto his elbows and opened his mouth.

"I, and most likely the rest of the bar, saw you fall and I just wondered if you were okay," he said looking her over. Amber felt his eyes run up from her crazy short hair and down to her small, or of what, boobs she did have. The last time a guy checked her out, she was in high school. He was a new kid. Another student told him about her. As a result, he never looked in her direction the rest of the school year.

When his eyes finally made it back up to her face, she shrugged her shoulders and looked toward the dance floor. Where was Jess when she needed her? Whenever they got a customer at work, Jess did the talking and just repeated it all to Amber. Amber did the work making the frames and Jess delivered them. This would be the time, when Jess talked and Amber sneaked glances at the guy.

When she turned back to look at the stranger, she found him studying her. Raising her eyebrow, she sat back into the booth and crossed her arms on her chest. He looked down with a small smile and rubbed the side of his face, as he looked away embarrassed for being caught. Yeah, be embarrassed, Amber thought laughing softly.

"Laughing at a poor guy? Nice way to make him feel confident and welcome," he joked, as he looked back at Amber who shrugged while still laughing. "Don't talk much, do you?" he asked, as he sat back and copied the way she sat. Amber's smile slipped away and she looked down at her lap, thinking of a way to answer him. Looking over at her purse, she saw some cough drops and came up with an idea.

Looking back up at him, she pointed to her throat and made a coughing sound. She hoped he would understand. When he tilted his head, she grabbed her phone from her purse. She went to her app that she used, when she had to talk to strangers. " Sorry, just getting over being sick and my coughing made me lose my voice," she typed in.

"Oh! Well I hope you feel better," he said. Amber felt he truly meant it and wasn't just saying it because he had to.

"Thanks," she replied smiling at him. Jess and James walked up, just as she was about to ask his name.

"Amber, we're ready to go," she said as she reached for the water in front of Amber and took a sip. As she reached to set it down, she noticed Ben. "Oh, hello there, keeping our Amber company?" she asked pushing Amber over, as she sat beside her. Ben moved over to let James in and turned to Jess.

"Hey, my name is Benjamin Weaver, but my friends call me, Ben. Just talking with Amber here, even though it seems to be a one sided conversation," he joked, as he reached out his hand to Jess and James.

"Oh, that is nice of you! I'm Jess and this is my boyfriend James. Sadly, Amber is stuck with putting up with our childish ways, when we go out. So, having someone to talk with is great for her," she smiled, as she hugged her friend who blushed big time but still smiled.

"It's not all that bad and they have been good since I got sick so that's a plus," Amber said, so Jess and James knew what was up. They would be able to stick to her story about recovering from being sick. " Once I'm better again, they will be back to their ways in seconds," she laughed.

"I bet they will," he laughed, when his phone vibrated. Pulling out his phone, he looked down to see a text from Josh.

Josh: Leaving, coming with me?

Ben looked up and saw Josh at the door looking pissed off. "Sorry but I have to go, looks like I have a baby to deal with," he said, as James got up to let him out.

"We should leave too," Jess said, as she and Amber got up from the booth. As Amber stood up, her purse spilled out onto the floor. Ben bent down to help her pick up the mess. As he picked up some pens and paper, he saw her ID in the middle of it all. He picked it up and saw her birthday. She's 21, he thought surprised. Well that answered his question from earlier, he thought, as he handed Amber her stuff.

"Thanks," she said, once they were standing again. Ben noticed how fast she typed it with one hand and wondered how long she had been using the app. There was something she wasn't telling him; and her laugh was a silent one, not a loud one like everyone else's.

"No trouble, I hope you guys make it home safe," he said, as they headed towards the door where Josh was.

"I'll have Amber text you when we get home, how about that?" Jess asked. She smirked as Amber glared at her.

"I like that idea, here's my number," he said, as he took Amber's phone and entered his number. "I'll be waiting for the text, have a safe drive home," he said, as they parted ways at the door.

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