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The Lightning Thunder Theory of Light Dark Matter

"In a realm of religion, 2 great Gods sit down speak their minds of the universe."

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The Lightning & Thunder Theory of Light & Dark Matter

Zeus, Greek God of Lightning, & Thor, Norse God of Thunder, meet in the Heavens for Earths greatest herbs & for the discussion of what helps us see & what holds the world up..Light & Dark Matter!
"Like ripples of a splash in a body of water, sound waves travel becoming more distorted the farther it travels yet fading like a light. As this cannot be stated as a fact because we cannot see what can't be seen. Therefor for obvious circumstances, light needs darkness for with the infinite space light needs to fade no matter how bright." Thor explained.
"As God of Gods, I curse your philosophy & condemn you to Hades!" Zeus exclaimed.

Thor suddenly was out of the Heavens & on what appeared to be a continent on planet Earth but with a more dark feeling than any other planet. Dark purple storm clouds that never ceased to change & growls, howls & monster sounds echoed the forests.
Thor began to search the forests for others but only to discover animal beings with cannibalistic characteristics & soon to find himself surrounded after attacking just one swinging his hammer with great force, he fights his way out of the monsters & continues his journey to others, holding his hammer in anger.
As he walks just a couple miles further, he hears tree limbs break all around him acknowledging being surrounded by what appeared to be the eyes of bears & wolves. Then all of a sudden, all of them jump at him in sync.
Thor, never being in a more frightening position, slams his hammer to the ground shooting a echo of thunder through the air stopping the bears & wolves. The deadly scavenger animals then all stood up on two feet & transformed into dark skinned tribal men & began to mumble in native tongue. Thor tries to ask the tribal men for directions when they get spooked & all run off in the same direction where Thor tries to chase after them.
Losing the tribal men, Thor then discover a huge field of bison & a strange person with a long beard like Zeus herding them. Not knowing how to approach this man, Thor slings his hammer down producing a long & loud echo through the field sending the buffalo running to the other side. The man starts screaming in a strange language unlike the dark skinned tribal men. He appeared to be quite white as well.
Thor then yelled "They went that way!" pointing to the buffalo as he continued to walk but only to find more farmers & hunters.
Until one day, he finally came across those same tribal men that had surrounded him. They greeted him with berries from rare vines & the warmest furs as they guided him to a well crafted seat beside a great fire of the night. He sat happy & watched as the dark skinned tribal men & women circled the fire in dances to beats of drums of which imitating the sounds of nature like thunder.
Finally, Thor has found people who not just respects his sound of thunder but also dances to it like a rhythm of nature. Zeus might have sent him to Hell/Hades but even there you can find a place where you belong & understand in your own way.

Written by ThorRedskinLight
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