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Lightning Stories


Thunderstorms And Pain

In which Bear finds out why Girl is so afraid of thunderstorms

Bear was awoken from a sound sleep by a human torpedo as Girl thumped into his side, quivering. At first, he was puzzled, but then, when he heard the crash of thunder overhead, realized that she must have been frightened by the noise. He stroked her head....


In which Girl grows closer to Bear – and begins to learn something of his past.

Girl was rudely awakened by a massive BLAM and an incredibly bright flash of light. She jerked upright, hand to her mouth, quivering and afraid. She was confused as to where she was, having been ripped from a sound sleep. Her head whipped around, quarteri...

Summer Storm

A summer storm blows by.

A soft murmur heardDroplets scatter aboutThunder’s distant rumbleNature’s fury shoutsDarkening skiesLike a blanket concealTurbulence aboveThe Gods won’t revealSharp lightening cracksIlluminating the groundStorm clouds roarWith a deafening soundRain washes...

The Lightning Thunder Theory of Light Dark Matter

In a realm of religion, 2 great Gods sit down speak their minds of the universe.

The Lightning & Thunder Theory of Light & Dark Matter Zeus, Greek God of Lightning, & Thor, Norse God of Thunder, meet in the Heavens for Earths greatest herbs & for the discussion of what helps us see & what holds the world up..Light & Dark Matter! "Like...

my girlfriend Isabel

she missed dinner but I know she did have fun

"Love," she says, turning back to me. "It is raining." "And quite heavy it sounds like," I agree as I step through the door. ”I could smell the rain the moment the door opened." "This is more than just a rain," the doorman tells us. "There are thunderstor...