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Summer Storm

A summer storm blows by.

A soft murmur heardDroplets scatter aboutThunder’s distant rumbleNature’s fury shoutsDarkening skiesLike a blanket concealTurbulence aboveThe Gods won’t revealSharp lightening cracksIlluminating the groundStorm clouds roarWith a deafening soundRain washes...

The Lightning Thunder Theory of Light Dark Matter

In a realm of religion, 2 great Gods sit down speak their minds of the universe.

The Lightning & Thunder Theory of Light & Dark Matter Zeus, Greek God of Lightning, & Thor, Norse God of Thunder, meet in the Heavens for Earths greatest herbs & for the discussion of what helps us see & what holds the world up..Light & Dark Matter! "Like...

my girlfriend Isabel

she missed dinner but I know she did have fun

"Love," she says, turning back to me. "It is raining." "And quite heavy it sounds like," I agree as I step through the door. ”I could smell the rain the moment the door opened." "This is more than just a rain," the doorman tells us. "There are thunderstor...