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Flower Stories


The Honeybee

The other side of the truth

Among all the beautiful flowers In the garden of dream land A wildflower... raw one Was hiding in the shades of green. It was me... all alone. Bees were flying by Stinky and clever eye Glistering in dirty greed Scared, buried myself Inside the shell of lo...


Flower Queen

A random Poem for someone

I fly by, looking around Searching for the best one You were hiding, in those green shades Your beauty mesmerizes every one Many found you But none dared to near you The thorns are long, sharp enough to free a soul The smell of your beauty lingers in the...

About a flower

A dear friend challenged me to write about a specific flower. Here goes...

Witch's thimbles, Dead man's bells Sound like words from ancient spells Bloody fingers, Lady's glove Witches tend to like the stuff Fairy fingers, Fairy caps Things from fairytales perhaps Everywhere an other name Yet they all speak of the same Fairies lo...

My flowers

Pics of Flowers

This poem is inspired by KayI Love taking pics of flower small flowers big flowerred flowersyellow flowerspink flowers and many other colored flowersI take them formy lady friends most of all for my love I take them all the time when I am golfing when I a...

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The Lightning Thunder Theory of Light Dark Matter

In a realm of religion, 2 great Gods sit down speak their minds of the universe.

The Lightning & Thunder Theory of Light & Dark Matter Zeus, Greek God of Lightning, & Thor, Norse God of Thunder, meet in the Heavens for Earths greatest herbs & for the discussion of what helps us see & what holds the world up..Light & Dark Matter! "Like...