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Blue Days

Blue Days

Every day seeing those passing looking like a chain of fools, and looking up at those blue skies above knowing that those blue days have arrived with every day seeming the same right now, and all the people are the same.

Knowing when those blue days descended when I woke up with that blue moon in my eyes just about the same time these days dropped those blues down here on us and they walked right on through. With me now wishing to change the direction, and fighting the wheel and turn this ship into the wind and head out to those seas of better days. Trying to send love into the future where and when things have changed, with that might possibly being the time those walking blues might be gone.

For now, I'll stand my ground as I see that strange new arrival from a thousand miles away, and watching as those finest silken threads unwind revealing all as I find myself looking down and seeing the web between my fingers revealing all the things I have missed. Knowing that I would do anything for you though things might have changed, I still remain. With all, we have been through seeming like years hard fought and won, and wishing to be there as you start to nod off and say those four words you'd like to hear: Good Night Sweet Girl.

Having been through so much together, and deep down we know that it's real and true and we know that it was very probably meant to be. Even though those blues descended and walked on through as these blue days hang there above us now, and I have stood both here and there waiting for you. Having given all of my heart and offered all that I have to you my sweetest friend whom I adore, and asking you what can I do for you?

I am not that hard to find, and I'll always be there for you for I am only a shot away and still the song will always remain the same. As I will keep you forever after all is gone, with only the sun remaining. I will always carry on forward even after these blue days have gone, and trying to take these blue moons from my eyes along with those blues that have walked right on through. Heaven will direct us, and you can't deny it's true, and we are carrying indelible pictures within us.

All we take after all is over; is all of the love and the memories which all that is left behind. Just like old letters left deep in the pockets of an old raincoat that’s never or seldom worn and hangs there if needed in the back of the closet.

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