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Happy Birthday Mum

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It's the seventh of July. The house is quiet. The sun's sharp rays have yet to pierce through the wooden blinds. There's a sound coming from the kitchen. It's my sister Ash, she's baking a cake. This early in the morning and she's baking a cake?

I get up to go see, but turn left to enter the bathroom instead. Now there is that familiar smell that I've smelled all too often. I smile at the thought of her getting up this early on a Sunday morning. I know what she is doing and I smile again, just like I smiled last night when she entered my room with a bag full of stuff. I had peaked as she made herself comfortable on my bed. In the bag was icing sugar and choc-chips. She had a can of caramel toffee in her hand, the same kind Mum uses when she bakes cakes and desserts. She also had colourful sprinkles, the ones used for cookies and doughnuts. Ash was excited, and I was too.

Now Enzo - the neighbor's cat - was already up, the sound of his bell-collar ringing through the hallway and disappearing into Mum's room.

"Happy birthday to you ,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Zeebee,
Happy birthday to you!"

The song happily sung aloud as I try to lift the rock off my chest. I pause and smile. I am happy to know she's happy, that she is honoured and loved. I can only imagine how much it means to her. The singing continues, it is a happy moment indeed.

After the singing I hear Ash asking if she's ready to leave. I think now Mum will be on her way with Hubby and Ash to start her day with a breakfast treat. I'm not sure where they will go.

I'm happy that she's happy; I swear to God...

But why do I feel so sad?

Why do I care?

Maybe it's because I listened to the singing from my bed.

Maybe it is because I wasn't part of Mum's special memory.

Maybe it's because I longed to be.

Whatever it is, they are all gone now.

I guess I'll hear all about it later.

Happy Birthday Mum.

I Love You

Written by burnt7
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