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Oldfaithful 7 months ago

For Betsy

A short birthday poem for my recently acquainted cousin.

For Betsy   We are strangers, but remarkably familiar. We are separated, but strangely connected. We are parallel lives, that once were as one. Finally reconnected after wasted years apart.     In all that time, nothing more tha...

AnnaMayZing 4 years ago

Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 3

“I couldn't bear it, Maria. I couldn't bear to lose you as well, I just couldn't."

Munchen-Pasing. April 9th 1941   Maria's homecoming had been a very emotional affair. Although her mother and father had been informed that she had been found alive, that was all they knew. They didn't kn...

DirtyMartini 5 years ago

This Day Is Yours, It Belongs To You (Happy Birthday)

A birthday poem written by request of a friend over on Facebook...

This day is yours, it belongs to you,Do anything that you desire to do.Watch your favorite shows, eat your favorite food,Do anything that puts you in a good mood. Your friends are here to celebrate too,This day is yours, it belo...

AnnaMayZing 6 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 2

A new dawn for Maria

Munchen-Pasing. April 9th, 1933: A New Beginning     In the quiet Munich suburb of Pasing, a new day was dawning. As was usual, Maria Kaufmann was rising along with the sun.   She went to the window and,...

AnnaMayZing 6 years ago

The Nurses

On her Fifteenth Birthday, Katarina celebrates the first day of her adult life.

This is the first chapter of a book I have been working on. If you like it, please let me know in the comments box below. If not, then please say what you don't like in the same place. Thank you.     Berlin. April 9th,...

girlie4280 7 years ago

My Oldest Son

Happy 8th Birthday

Today is your birthdayI'm sorry I couldn't be with youMy heart achingI remember the night you were bornYour first cry into this worldThe joy of holding you in my armsLooking into your eyesYou were taken awa...

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It's the seventh of July. The house is quiet. The sun's sharp rays have yet to pierce through the wooden blinds. There's a sound coming from the kitchen. It's my sister Ash, she's baking a cake. This early in the morning and she's baking a cake? ...

maddy90 9 years ago

My Companion Angel

To Sharifah Aishah Syed Mohammed, Happy Birthday!

Loneliness crept in and poisoned my soul,it burned with a flame of amber and gold,which made my heart turn black and cold.Where feelings and emotions were empty,and the days went by in a standstill.It came without a warning, ou...

Dreamcatcher 9 years ago

Candles.. Again?

silly jingle

Here it comes, the moment I dread. When everything comes true from inside my head. Droning on and on as I heard what they said. Now the singing and laughing, I wish I was dead. Such a lousy tradition, who thought o...

Happy Birthday Emily. Today is your second birthday, and this is not how I thought I'd be spending it. If I cried, I thought the tears would be from Joy, Not from the pain I am feeling. Today is your second birthday, and this is no...