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She heard the knock on the door. strange it did not sound like some one wanting in she thought as she went and opened the door.

When she did open it. He fell into her arms. It was all she could do to hold him up and help get him to the chair. What in the world was the matter with him. He did not drink or she didn't think he did. She could not smell anything that smelled strange.

She tried to talk to him and found he was very strange acting so she called the hospital and an ambulance was there within minutes.

They had been to the big house several times but this time it was not her that they were taking. The workers looked shocked to see she was the one standing. Somehow so was she.

She recalled it had been almost 12 months since her last accident. Wow a year had went by. Sure she had gotten slapped and a few black and blue marks but nothing to put her in the hospital or a trip to the doctors.

She had learned to be good. To do the things he expected out of a party planner and then stay out of his way. She had been good at staying out of the way. Of disappearing when he came into the room and being busy with things.

At the hospital she was informed he was in bad shape. He had taken a large dosage of drugs and they were going to watch him and see how things developed. A brain cell had busted and led to others, and that was all they could tell her at this time.

As she sat and watched him. He looked over at her and tried to talk. His speech was too bad and could not communicate with words. She knew what he was saying. She could read his eyes and she spoke from her heart to him.

That night they settled all the things that had happened in the past. she forgave him for all the things that had gone wrong. He well he forgave himself.

She knew she was free from him at last. Yes free to do as she wanted but what was it she wanted. She wanted to live her life. Find the one man she had been dreaming of for so long to make a new life. If he allowed it.
Stop thinking like that she told herself. She was free. Her spirit was free and she was so proud of herself. She could finally put the past in the past where it belonged. She could tell others of her life and help them to see all is not lost and you are never alone if you choose not to be.

She had grown in the past five years. She had done good. She could do anything and be anything she choose. She could choose. Wow.. As she stepped out the hospital doors she knew she would be ok sure it would be hard at times but nothing like the past five years ever again. She was in charge this time. A new day, A new life, her life. She smiles with her eyes as well as her lips this time.

Bring it on ...... She was ready.....

Written by maryruth
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