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Growing Stories


Angel Face

Written for and dedicated in loving memory to my beautiful Katy 💖

Innocent one,come take my hand,as we exploreGod's wonderland; Trust in mefor each me day;We'll learn new lessonsalong the way; God's gift to me,I promise you, all the lovea child is due; Grow with me,spread your wings; Learn of love and lifeand special th...

When I was young I thought I knewall the answers to get me throughall the troubles that came along,but now I see how very wrongthat thinking was and now I knoweach trial was meant to help me growanother branch upon life's treeto make me the person I'm mea...

She heard the knock on the door. strange it did not sound like some one wanting in she thought as she went and opened the door. When she did open it. He fell into her arms. It was all she could do to hold him up and help get him to the chair. What in the...

Rusty, the Screen Door it Slams

Navigating the storms of becoming an adult at 12 is never easy.

Rusty, the screen door it slams. “Ya’ll be careful out there, please.” Momma yells. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Momma ushers us outside. “Little pitchers.” Momma says to Daddy. Rusty, the screen door it slams as Daddy sends us outside. “Daddy doesn...

Always remember

Written for my mom

Something stops me.There is something I need to tell you,But how can I even start to say,the many many things that cross my mindAs I think about all that we have been through. I guess to begin - is to look at you.From the first moment that we metYou loved...

From Sisyphus: School

Sisyphus speaking to the stars about his plight remembers his teacher

Our teacher handed us some seedsand said,“Go plant these in your yardand water them,then let your questions grow with every leaf.He hardly spoke except to askwhat’s on our minds,and when we didn’t say a word,he’d shake his head and say,“Well, that’s too b...

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The New Jane

New look, new possibilities

Jane, slender short andplain enough, in a teal room, bay window,daybed, cream primrose cottonblanket, antiqued mirror, Monetprint on the wall (morning light, pale autumn, the City), hardbound Pelican Shakespeare on the oakchair, open to a page ofCymbeline...