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Understanding Stories


Time Passes

A promise is kept, a heart is broken...

He loved her enough to let her go, and she loved him enough to come back. Each year, true to her word, she returned to the sea. Although she was grown, he still cautioned against the forces of evil. When she found true love, he accepted him. And when she...


I poured my heart out to you today,spouted reams of passionate nonsenseinfused with hate, the bitterest ire and blended with fruitless frustration. I ranted and raved at you today,offloaded old pent-up, smothered fears, released thoughts brewed in darkest...


A Bank Savings Account Book

A harmonious relationship is built on the true love.

My mother presented me with a bank savings account book on the eve of my wedding. There was $1000.00 in it. My mother smiled and said, ‘You both are going to deposit some money in it from time to time, when something is worth for memorable. Besides the mo...


An Alphas Mate

An alpha and his mate walking tail in tail under the moon.

Sitting by your side.Looking at the moon,Feeling its lights warm embrace. Knowing I have found my mate,Feeling her heart beating,Wild with passion. Hearing her heart beating with mine,Feeling her touch,Even if through fur. Biting down on her neckHer bitin...


There are many who know you, but very few who understand you.

I want to do good, make people happy. I want to forgive, I want to understand.I don't want to be judged. Therefore I will try never to judge. I want to be loved and cherished. I wish to love and to cherish. Breathe... look in the mirror. None of us were b...


Rise and Fall Ch 5

And the storm is rising inside of me, don't you see that our worlds collide ~Anna Blue

Fatima snapped her head up. The intense focus on her craft blurred her eyesight. With aching fingers, she flexed and shook out her wrists to prevent cramping and any of her knuckles from locking. She pulled off her headphones and heard nothing. She rose f...

I texted Susan a few times, but I didn't want to scare her away so I kept it to pleasantries. She hadn't offered much of herself in the weeks she had been coming in, and I knew pushing would be a bad idea. Still, it made me smile every time I got a reply....

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She heard the knock on the door. strange it did not sound like some one wanting in she thought as she went and opened the door. When she did open it. He fell into her arms. It was all she could do to hold him up and help get him to the chair. What in the...

I love you to the stars and back Down to the depths of the sea Around the planet Pluto, Which no longer seems to be With width and depth and height and length There are no words to bring The explanation to a child The feeling of elder things


Survival is about giving yourself permission.

When I give, It's completely. My gifts never come with strings. I’m not one who keeps a ledger. When I give, I seek nothing in return. I give because,I’m me. I give because,I know what it’s like to be without. To cherish,But be ignored. To speak,But not b...

Behind These Eyes

Dance behind my eyes, before you pass judgement on me.

There are times I am sure,when others look at me,and see nothing,but an idle mind.If they only knew...What frolics inside my head,they would scurry away in fear.If they could see past my vacant stare.Just behind my eyes.Through the swirling,menagerie of i...

Amber Part 10

Amber tells Bruce the truth.

Their destination for lunch was a well known local place that was famous for their hamburgers, and Amber couldn't be happier. They were escorted to a booth and had a minute to scan the menu left by the hostess before the waitresses appeared and took their...

Surrender Today I finally surrender.... To the fact that I do not have all the answers,That what once may have been - no longer is. I submit to the fact that what I believed to be an inner knowledge - is the voice of projection I admit that I have used th...