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"Reuniting with a friend"

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It was one of those days when I waxed nostalgic and longed for the friends of my younger days. In the past I had attempted to locate some of them without success using a well known social page but had never tried her name. I typed her name into the friend search and found her, the image was not what I expected but the name remained the same.

How long had it been? How much water flowed under the bridge of time? What kind of reception would I receive? Would she reject the request or respond? With great uncertainty I composed my message and re-read it several times before hitting send key.

Days later my heart leapt when I receive her response. So many years apart. What caused it? I could not recall. Did she? Would she hold it against me? The first phone call re-established our friendship and many more phone calls followed. It was great hearing her voice and remembering all the great times we had. It was strange that we never really talked a lot in the days gone by, ours was more of a physical relationship as shyness was our enemy. 

The months passed. Time for a face to face and she finally agreed. Plans were made and on the agreed upon day I drove through the beginning of twilight en route to her location, and so many questions plagued me as I drove. I was much older than I was back then both physically and mentally. How would she see me? As I am or as I was?

I got lost once and was forced to call for directions and I kept her on the phone just to hear her voice. As I turned onto her street my heart began to beat wildly as though I was a young man en route to his first date. I pulled into her driveway and was greeted from an upstairs window. It was her, I believe she looked even better that she did so many years ago.

A smile finds my face as I enter the hallway and spy the colorful hand written note taped on the door to her apartment door. It informed me that I have arrived. Yep, that was her style all right. She admits me into her apartment and back into her life. The simple welcome back hug ignites long suppressed emotions and it turns into a passionate kiss, it was almost as though we never parted.

We sit and talk for hours, as I said, it's something we did not do enough of .We share photographs and memories of our pain and pleasure during the years apart as well as our current status. Both married twice and both still married so caution had to be taken lest trouble found us and we have had enough of that in the years apart.

The hours fly by and I leave much later a very happy man. I had found a dear friend that I had lost. There would be more talks and visits, of that I was sure. Despite all the years apart our friendship stood the test of time and I for one am very happy that it did. 

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