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Reunion Stories


Oh no, he’s about to recount the story of me falling out of a rowing boat. I told my brother that story always embarrassed me, he never listens. For god sake, I was only ten at the time and had never fished off a boat before. Oh well, at least it gave eve...

Anew As One

A forest spirit reborn of love.

The dryad sleeps in slender stems, and new green leaves. Born of two souls mingled, the dryad dreams. One died for love of the land and a friend. One passed in her dotage, but was content in the end. Xantwilla’s soul lingered where her charred stump remai...

Caitlin's Time - Uncle Sean's Journey

Uncle Sean gets out of Antarctica, a romance blossoms and the girls are excited

The Twin Otter came to a stop, after taxiing at Christchurch International, and all aboard let out an explosive sigh of relief. Sean Regan went forward to speak to the flight crew. “Well done guys and thanks; but let’s not do that again huh?” “You got tha...

A failed attempt at deception

A Story related to me by a former morning man.

It had been one year ago that Vince entered the broadcast booth for his first show. A mixture of fear and excitement coursed through him as he placed the headphones on and slid his chair closer to the microphone to began his shift. It wasn't drive time, b...

More Than Just A Kiss Part Four - Girl Talk

Sequel to 'In The Park' - fourth in a five-part series

“Ann, are you telling us our straight-arrow, nice-Jewish-girl-from-Queens, Gwen, took some guy she was fooling around with on her ward to the park where they did, God only knows what?” "Is this stuff animal, vegetable, or mineral?" Ann was cautiously exam...

Invite Rejected

An invite to my class reunion

It was many years ago that I happened to bump into " Ricky " at a local restaurant. He had been a schoolmate and like me wore a loser tag presented to us by our peers, so I didn't mind chatting with him.He informed me that he was on the five year reunion...

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Reuniting with a friend

It was one of those days when I waxed nostalgic and longed for the friends of my younger days. In the past I had attempted to locate some of them without success using a well known social page but had never tried her name. I typed her name into the friend...

Deus Ex Machina~

A story about a certain train that brought with it the spirits of an old town's past.

Deus Ex Machina is a phrase that made itself ever evident on a cold November night. It was in the late 1960's in a small Arizonan town and was one of the few towns that still ran early model locomotives. It often made for good and quick travel between des...

Alone, empty. Apart, void. Separately, fragmented. Individually, nothing. Not thinking, not feeling, not caring, just...existing. Existing, yes, but in the basest sense — not truly being. Together, we are no longer empty, void, fragmented. We are replete....


How much can things change in 10 years?

First ’What the hell am I doing here?’ That was my primary thought as I stood here at the high school reunion, 10 years after we all graduated. I was actually surprised they invited me. After all, I hadn’t been in this class for more than a year. I guess...