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Walled City

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Night falls when it seems I am alone, and I know all those things I have learned need to be remembered for the future, more especially the truth and not those lies that can be found in-between most things like blue on black, or black on blue. As I stand here in what seems to be a courtyard in a city of shadows where sound can be heard echoing off the dark tiles and enclosed by dark walls the colour of anthracite and noticing all the minute dark lanes branching off. I know to many I don’t look the same but, there those I have left behind and have tried to look away knowing that history of any sort is a teacher and doesn’t repeat like many have said, and instructs in much the same way as life does, with the lesson coming after the testing of one’s spirit or faith.

There are times out here when I feel like I am walking in the wastelands and feeling like a ghost in the machine, and these are strange times with very few to be able to turn to. I know the Devil lives in the details under these skies that seem to be filled with miracles that are filled with lies, as I continue on in the night with starlight in my eyes. Sometimes I have wondered if those I keep with me are real or not? As I have asked the same of myself as I continue making my way on down the line, with there being times when it feels as if there is no end or beginning and feeling at times the loneliness of being misunderstood in what sometimes feels like a quest for a form of a renewed artistic being, like binary flickers of the mind between image and reality.

It seems like all is becoming digitalized as well as becoming effortlessly elastic blurring the division of what is black and what is white but, then again, I have not had that problem in dealing with things that lay in-between in the form of those shades of grey from the lightest to the darkest shades. With there having been rumours before, as well as there being rumours now and there will always be rumours and those who live and thrive on them, and like with people the rumour always seems to be somewhere else. Still there will be the day that arrives when we can’t hide from the things we have done with lost being the place which is needed for us to be. They keep talking and it makes no sense as they try and lay the blame on us, and still they try to sell us a grand illusion in an attempt to gain control to break the will and the soul and continue on playing their games until there is nothing left. Still we are not what they think we are and though we might have thoughts that cripple our dreams and torture our souls in the process making us think of those things we carry we are not proud of.

I am flawed like the rest of us and there have been those whom I have allowed to get too close and dropped my guard for, and then stooped to clean up the mess that was left as well as those things torn asunder with worn out tools. Feeling the wind, which never changes coming from those places where the demons go and still I recall I once had angels watching out for me as I watched them defeat those demons somehow. Solace is now found in that one inch none can touch in the recesses of those cathedrals in our mind. It confounds many when the see I am still breathing and they know not that I have been killed a million times, and with the help of that form of a culture I picked well has had me be flexible enough to reinvent myself. When are they going to learn their crap doesn’t wash and when the game is blown that we have been able to make our own dreams?

One vision is all that is needed to make a way down the line where the Tao directs each heart and soul to where that One Essential Truth lays in the form of hope and unity and in other pieces. Instead of that dream of sweet illusion they are selling like that crap they believe, so give me your hand and come with me in that one direction where the Tao dictates each moment should flow into. Still there will be those days when trouble hides around the corner, and needing a way to survive as it seems we are alone holding a burden. Just remember you ain’t alone for I have been down those roads and have taken that war in stride, and I can offer you my hand and be your long-lost friend and join you out here through what ever we may encounter.

Copyright: Timberwolf International Ltd. January 2018 – 01

Written by Shotgun011
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