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Mental Madhouse, a sad Teenage Girl's Mind

"Trixie, a people-pleaser type has succumb to a mental break-down. What will she do?"
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Boredom has suppressed me far too long, it is now time to engulf this unpleasant feeling and channel it into a sort of amusing act.

A 17 year old girl named Trixie. Brunette, a people-pleaser type of girl. She just got out of a relationship with her boyfriend, both having spent majority of their time together for half a year. Only a few weeks passed since the separation, but on Trixie's side, those dreaded few weeks dragged...

My mind, it is easing a tad at this rate.

In fact, there are still aches and pains that have never left me. The pain still lingers, but it's much more bearable now.

I sound like a madman to myself.

Am I still sane? If I call myself a madman?

Have I, in a sense... snapped? I might have.

I feel as if I have become the ''wacko.''

I once saw people as ignoramouses, morons, stuck-ups, dicks, asses, and all that hate. All that hate had to be suppressed, I couldn't, I shouldn't. I MUST NOT. It is not right to have such negativity.

It's literally a never-ending game of ping-pong in my head.

Emotions. The whole idea of it. Sigh. Ever since I was in middle school, I wished the very idea of emotions were eradicated.

My thoughts. My thoughts are going everywhere.

I hate my very own gender. Women. They are to be the ''nice'' ones in the species. Ideal implants. Brainwashing, a set mindset. WHAT AM I TO DO?!

GOODNESS! What am I to do. My interests are blocked, friends are busy, sigh. I wish... I wish I had someone like me. Someone that liked me for me, all my positive and negative aspects. Someone willing to do things for me, like how I do things for people. Maybe a clone. No, I wouldn't like myself that much, no one does. Better yet.. a cyborg.

Yes, yes. A cyborg. I'll do it. A cyborg of a friend.

Prequel End

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