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And in this labyrinthThe hallways, they echoed and groanedCreatures that lurk in the darkThey keep watching, watching me drownWhy are they talking to me?What does it mean, who should I be?I think I’m paranoidMy hands are too shaky to holdI try real hard b...

She's a puzzle girl with short grey hair, soft as a featherDon't try to understand her, she'll just quote you the weatherPlay with her mind and you might get a glimpse of her long legsPlay with her heart and she'll throw you away like yesterday's rotten e...

Staring up into the night sky stars Little points of light, shining in the darkness Tiny and small, yet grand and majestic Too far to ever reach, too present to possibly ignore Each point completely alone, yet all interwoven in time and space Taken each o...

Heart-Mind Perils

Mind-Heart-Heart-Mind- MInd- Urghh.

Understanding the human mind isn't difficult as compared to understanding the human heart. The heart is crazier than the mind. Mind is black and white, but the heart is gray. You apply your mind to definite things, to decision making, where logic is neces...

Kick-starting The Mind

I suppose this serves as a personal reminder. Once you start writing, you can't stop. Like Pringles.

Lately, I find myself staring.A whole world and all I do is stare.But I’m not staring anywhere,not even into space.It’s all blank,I have no inclination,no inspiration.Even this poem is taking too long.I fear that I’ll stop writing,I fear I’ll go insane wh...

Mental Madhouse, a sad Teenage Girl's Mind

Trixie, a people-pleaser type has succumb to a mental break-down. What will she do?

Boredom has suppressed me far too long, it is now time to engulf this unpleasant feeling and channel it into a sort of amusing act. A 17 year old girl named Trixie. Brunette, a people-pleaser type of girl. She just got out of a relationship with her boyfr...

My Angel

We all have an angel.

An angel watches over me.Knowing all about who I be. Never, am I far from her sight.Though dark, she is always trite. Her gaze I can't prevaricate. Indiscretion she does mitigate. Always welcoming me back.As I venture into the black. Stretching out her wi...

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Is There A Key To Leave?

I've been locked up inside of this house. It's muggy and filled with toxic air. I go insane trapped behind these walls, No one to love, and no way to receive. For I’m thirsty for the knowledge, to figure out how to open these doors that hold me in the att...


So many thoughts, so little time.

Flowing through this pen in such a rhythm, I wonder how these words stay preserved on paper. For in my mind they have faded faster than they appeared, and the picture they once painted is no longer clear. The contrast of the bright oranges and reds agains...

Rode Hard Put Away Wet

Who the hell's that old guy lookin` at.

Jumpin' out of the shower,lookin' in the mirror I seeswhiskers not dark brown, wild hairs grow'n ears, brows n' nose.Skin not so tight neither, face withered up like a punkin that's seen to much sun and cold.Chest's not up where it ott to be, come to thin...


games learned and games played

Gamesas a child we are taught many things, some of us learn and play better than the rest of board gamescard gamesgames of chanceas a adult games take on a different twist games of fungames of lovegames of the mindgames of wordsgames of controlwe...

Mirrors of the Mind

Something we all know but most will not admit.

Mirror mirror on the wall.Why is it the good must fall?Does this world demand sacrifice?Only from those with secret sins and vice.This world its choices are not to clear.Everyone can play this little game my dear.Longing for a ray of hope.All I see is the...

Good Morning Stars

Looking at the stars before dawn and wondering is my mind part of the universe

 Good morning stars--again our orbits crossand I see your worldshigh above my life, my eyes touching youmillions of miles awaywhere we meet each dawn, your burning worlds swirling,though some are embers nowburnt out light years ago,a state I cannot knowsi...