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What would you do if you can suddenly have all your bad memories wiped out?

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When you go through something painful, do you find yourself wishing it would go away? Do you pray at night wishing someone could either take the hurt or take you?


What if there exists a contraption that has the ability to wipe all bad memories.


Convenient, right? A wish granted, maybe?


If we think about it, the mere existence of that machine means no more lonely nights or years wasted on regrets. To more severe cases, no more phobias and traumas and guilt to prevent us from a life of actualization. It’s like creating this world where you have imperfect people thinking they’ve got nothing in the past to cry on or think about… or even learn from.


And while this machine mirrors the existence of centers that permits legal euthanasia with the right procedures, chances are that it might help decrease mortality rates due to euthanasia or even deter cases of suicide. We can only hope for a better outcome. We all, in a way, can agree that it is a double-edged tool that either cripples resiliency or celebrates the notion of starting over with a clean slate.


While I personally think that this innovation is worth celebrating since it paves a faster solution to a number of situations that arises from mental and emotional heartbreak, or stress. Especially since it's one of the reasons for unproductivity, not to mention we get to utilize the hard work of the human mind behind an amazing innovation. And while that could be an incentivicing breakthrough, I also think that human ability, no matter how slow paced to self heal and actualize is beyond any machine's alteration. Alas! The beauty of the human mind.


Since there is a need to regulate everything foreign... the question would then be, if such a contraption existed, what standards should then be implemented?


Now, we have to consider that in order for our species to evolve and move forward we need to have a better understanding of our past because it serves as our guide to making sure we get our next move right, right? Secondly, who then gets to qualify to use it and when will they become qualified? More importantly, we need to consider if it is significantly better for that vulnerable group to have its memory wiped off.


Why is it so important to gauge a contraption that we know will inarguably help the majority?


The answer goes back to how well we know our way of life. For millions of years, innovation and success sprung up from devastating stories. Unfortunate events became ladders to going up, because we know that the only way to accept the past is to rise up and do the things we want to see changed. That’s how we learn to adapt and take challenges head on because we lack the ability to foget.


Now that we have that established, we can agree that if such a tool existed, our way of life and advancement may take a different turn. While change is something that we all can look forward to, we have to make sure that the change we see is for a greater cause. A change that not only helps people who needs the aid, but also those who doesn’t. In short, we need to secure an outcome where we gain more than we lose. As cliche as it sounds, we all want to live harmoniously. Meaning, a productive world that not only is self-correcting but also self-helping.


So assuming that it exists… what are your thoughts?


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