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Anonymous 1 year ago

Maimed Heart

Life is an art, cram it with Bright colours of exhilaration and positivity.

Do we hearken to our hearts? Do we assimilate our inner instincts? No. We are galloping in a race where we get anxiety because of our ineptitude to fit the so-called success pattern. We follow what everybody is doing to reach perfection. But, life is not...

8 years ago


Our mind sometimes deceives.

Broken mirrors cast reflections. Outwardly between their cracks. Rainbows, pure light refractions. Upon the wall, bright color stacks. Perfection created from imperfections. Gleaming splendour, dazzling tracks. Faultless are these dancing projections. Con...

8 years ago

Bent Twisted and Kinked

An in depth look at who I have become.

While talking with a new acquaintance, this came up in the conversation. She told me, "ahh but my dear didn't you know that broken things hold the most beauty in the world, it is our imperfections that make us who we are, me yes I search for love, life, a...


If I could erase anything... this is old, from another account elsewhere...

Pick up the pencil, Now swap the ends, Eraser faces the paper. Erase... The hips. Erase... The stomach. Erase... The thighs. Erase... The behind. There, Now swap it back around, Draw what you want to look like. Erase... The fat. Draw... Perfect.