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I kinda like the flow of this. Maybe I'll do audio.

Hello? Hi? Ehhhugh, hum?
Y'all? D'ye exist?
I exist?
Anyone? Anyone at all?

But, no. Nobody did exist.
But somebody must have.
Existed, that is.
Otherwise this wouldn't  exist.

But what is existence without purpose? Is that just, sorta, being? Like a thing. Y'know, not really there, but not not there. An object, formless, but there, not really there, but uh, in time and space.

I don't really get it, y'know.
But isn't that the cool thing?
It keeps ya wondering!

I kinda love life.
Even if it's strange.
Ah, Chloe. You're my heart.

And yet, she doesn't exist in the physical. Heck, maybe she exists somewhere. Yeah, in my heart. Isn't that enough? Of course it is!

And there it is, yeah?
That thing.
Don't ask what.
Just accept it.

It doesn't have to make sense, as long as you're happy.

Ya happy?
I'm happy.

In my fantasy world,
everything makes sense,
but makes no fucking sense.

It's all over the place.
Can you keep up?
I can't.


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