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Circle_Something 8 months ago


I kinda like the flow of this. Maybe I'll do audio.

Hello? Hi? Ehhhugh, hum?Y'all? D'ye exist?I exist?Anyone? Anyone at all? But, no. Nobody did exist.But somebody must have.Existed, that is.Otherwise this wouldn't  exist. But what is existence without purpose?...

  Not knowing you was the best decision I should have made But my universe and destiny both conspired so that our paths would someday meet. The pull you have for me is so strong. So strong that resisting from it seems so wrong.   I ha...

sreeharithej 5 years ago


about life

Life is a Miracle. A droplet of white  Fertilized a red substance,  The result is him!! He found everything  All that we see around!! The good and The evil!! The best and The worst!!

meredith 7 years ago

R U There?

Text message answers poses a question

I woke this morning Wondering what this day will bring When suddenly my phone It began to ring. A text was sent Upon my screen in morning's glare A strange text message “HELLO.... R U THERE” R U THERE! R...

The last breath

The last breath

It was the last day of existence. He was the last alive. There was a a gust of wind and he was pulled by the collar of his shirt into oblivion to ramble among the masses. Those known as earthlings.

rantingsenior 8 years ago

Of Mites and Men

Your intrinsic insignificance does have an up side.

Guess what. In the larger scheme you’re not very important. You’re like a little dust mite that occasionally elicits a big sneeze, but ultimately winds up squished in a HEPA filter or on its back in a vacuum cleaner bag with its little legs flailing in th...

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MileeBanerjeeOGN 8 years ago

Mere Humans

Encountered another universal truth today

Emotions augment survival. Any intense emotion stems from the desire to rid the self from something else. There is no permanent emotion, only a permanent interest exists. Alas, we are born humans : 'the thinking animal', our innocence is lost wh...