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A Letter To Her

"love letter"
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Published 8 years ago
I don't know when it started. This losing you. How did I miss it? Too busy. Too careless. Taking for granted the hard work of a relationship. The negotiations. The sacrifice. Once I held you in my arms and all your warmth and desires flowed through me and filled me with you. You rushed through my bloodstream like a virus. Infecting me. Addicting me.

Now we have drifted ever so slowly apart. All those moments of having the comfort of you. Until now. Barely touching. Fingertip to fingertip. All that's left of us is just a trace of what used to be and I fear the drift will continue until only the echoes of your laughter and your scent on my pillow remain. 

I know. It sounds dramatic. But that's what we were. Dramatic. There are only a few moments in my life that hold me hostage and even less people. You are both. Despite all of our battling, all of our disagreements, and the anger, there was always the certainty that we never let go of each other. That the bond was beyond mortal feelings. 

It is that bond that came from past lives I believe. Lives where we were bonded together in some form. Husband/wife. Brother/sister. Even father/daughter. It is a connection unbroken since time began. Although circumstances now take you away once again and our fingertips are soon to be parted, there is one constant that will always be. That even though I am out of your life now, you will never be out of mine.

I wanted you to know that.

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