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A Random Rambling

A Random Rambling

Things from my head...

I hate those times when you want to write something, but either have no drive, or no ideas. You open a word document and just type for the sake of typing. Or if you’re a fan of pen and paper, you do it that way. You have no idea if you’re gonna come up with something good or just a bunch of words strung together.

Sometimes, it’s amazing, you actually find that there’s something about just writing your thoughts about having nothing to write about to be soothing and you wind up kinda writing something. Okay, so it’s never gonna be a best seller, or win any awards, but it gets some thoughts out and helps somehow.

I’m thirsty, but too lazy to make myself a cuppa tea. Hungry, but too lazy to get food. At least I’ve got music to listen to. That’s always a plus. At the time of writing this, it’s the Foo Fighters that are playing. I just stumbled across them and started listening. Not a band I listen to very much, but I do like them.

Looking up at my tabs, I notice that I have twelve open. Yes, I counted them. It’s mostly e-mail, Facebook, couple of writing sites and eBay. Oh and a downloads tab. I know I should close them, but, again, I’m too lazy. Some of them I access every day, so it helps to keep them open constantly. Some I visit hardly ever, but I like to keep them, in case I ever decide to revisit.

Ironic that there’s a song called “My Poor Brain” playing and I’m sitting here just rambling crap from my poor brain. I have no idea, maybe I’m just sorting stuff out. Perhaps that’s all I need to do.

I’m really just killing time here. Are you still reading? Maybe I’ll tell you a tale. This tale starts one day when an unsuspecting Kitty gets a friend request from someone. Intrigued, he checks her page out and sees that she has a good command of the English language. He looks at her bio and she fascinates him, so he clicks the “accept” button.

The next day they start talking and grow close quite quickly. Before they know what’s happening, they’re flirting and chatting, really getting to know each other. Delighting in each other’s good humour and ability to make each other blush. Kitty doesn’t blush much normally, you see, but Kitten is great at making him blush, for some reason.

This tale actually has no ending yet. It could be that they meet like they intend to, or they don’t, but Kitty has a lot of fantasies, though he tries not to, about how he will meet Kitten.

In one, he meets her at the airport and she does something that he promised to let her. Only they know what it is and I’ll bet Kitten is blushing reading this.

In another, they meet on the street, completely by coincidence and end up in her hotel room, doing... Stuff, you know what I’m getting at. Snuggling and... stuff.

I’m deliberately leaving out details because I don’t want to explore the fantasies too deeply, but it is fun to just have those fantasies.

Now King Diamond is playing. King Diamond is one of my favourite bands. I’d like to see them playing live, but I doubt I ever will. There’s always hope, though. Hope is powerful. Hey, I just noticed I’ve not sworn in this piece once! Wow, that’s odd. I usually swear quite a lot. Not because of my lack of vocabulary, just sometimes it’s fun. I think it’s because of where I live too. Some of us in Scotland swear like it’s just another way of using the language.

Hm, I might just chat about some of my favourite Scottish words. We have loads. We may be a wee country, but we have a big language! I used one in a conversation tonight. “Drookit”, which means wet. Well, not merely wet, but soaked through to the bone. It’s chiefly Dundonian (hailing from Dundee), if I’ve got my facts correct.

Ooh, “eejit” is also a good one! It means an incredibly stupid person and weirdly, it can be used as a term of endearment as well as an insult. A lot of us tend to insult those we endear, but like a lot of things, it’s all in the voice. Inflection is important. I don’t know if that’s a peculiarly Scottish thing, to insult loved ones, but I’ve never known anything else. Heck, if I don’t get insulted daily, I don’t feel loved! Yup, you can think me weird.

A funny one now: “rumplefyke”, which is an itchy arse. I’ve never heard it used as an insult, but you never know.

Well, that’s three of my favourites. It’s odd, I go to write about some things and then forget what I was gonna say. Yeah, I’m a douche. Ah, random poetic thing!

You and me,
It’s clear to see,
Were meant to be,
Hee hee hee!

I just get these flashes of things and write them down. Do you do that, dear reader? Now I’ve truly run out of random ramblings, so I’ll end this tale. I like hugs. Thanks for reading. Hope I didn’t bore ya. 

Whoops, this tea has relaxed me a wee bit too much. Time to do some star jumps or dance or something. See ya!

Andrew .
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