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Finding myself once again waiting here out on the platform, standing here waiting upon the arrival of yet another midnight train and feeling that gently blowing breeze and hearing it sigh through the nearby pines. And having recently undergone another change just like the seasons do as they pass, knowing too that all those rags and ribbons we all have and carry will all fade away and gradually disappear as they slowly turn into years that will pass us all slowly by and will soon be gone forever. Crumbling into empires of dust and having ghostly shades living in them, for all things fall and are rebuilt to be made valid once again.

Now hearing the humming of those heavy diesel engines coming, and knowing that the sound is being carried towards me by the wind that’s blowing, and once again I will soon be taking yet another midnight train out of another place. Where those wild blue hearts fly again freely distorting all in their passage and through this place of swirling emotion that I’ll soon be leaving.

Now looking down and seeing those lines on my hands, as I see those finest silver threads slowly unwinding from between my fingers knowing too that I still carry those deep scars the sun’s dark light couldn’t or wouldn't heal, along with those memories like faded photographs that fall like autumn’s leaves. Lying scattered in the fields and daybreak being like midnight when all colours have died.

Now feeling the pulse, vibration, and the rumbling force as the train nears the station, and I will soon be on it and heading from this place leaving no notes or goodbyes. For it’s all the same with only names seeming to change with their faces so cold, and after having looked for honesty and truth and tired of being patient waiting for that voice. Makes me wonder just how much more I can take and knowing what I have they can’t feel or steal it. And recalling once when having some call me free, but I call me a fool.

Boarding that midnight train as I have done in the past and making my way back down line once again with my feet now pointed away, and are now swift and will soon be gone from this place as I get carried down those tracks Just like every road having a beginning and an end, and I can't be afraid of letting it all and letting it happen again. We all cross bridges with all we have lived and learned and at times getting exactly what we deserve. With the days being long and sitting there waiting for night to fall, and feeling like half your life is wasting away.

As I sit here fighting the train’s magic of the clicking rails and swaying car and having these thoughts, as I sit here on this midnight train that's rumbling through the night. Knowing I won't be returning to this place I have finally left, anytime soon. And knowing we are passing through those places where those tumbled down farms and shacks lie. And having in me some of that mixed up confusion that never seems to stop with those things unsaid. And there are those times when it feels like the world is on it's side as I sit here with what feel like blue moons in my eyes. Somethings I can't change right now, so I'll just live around it with those feelings vanishing under the stains of time.

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