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Asleep In The Desert

Asleep In The Desert

I walk along these lonely roads and go where I have been directed by the Tao, and in most cases I am the only one walking down these empty streets. With usually having my shadow walking with me to wherever I head as I make my way down the line, and it seems as if at times like I am on the borderline that divides my mind. Reading all between the lines, and seeing all things in shades of grey and not in black and white like most seem to do. Wondering at times if anybody really cares or if they will make an effort one day to try and find me? Causing me to think and wonder if the faithful will be rewarded when the end finally comes? Wondering who is with me through it all and if there is anything left at all?

I know the air will grow thin when the darkness finally falls upon me and maybe no Hail Mary’s will probably save me, and this is my life and for living it I know I will pay as well as reap what I have sown, with that price one day being called in to settle my debts. Still I carry those scars that the sun’s dark light wouldn’t or couldn’t heal like souvenirs of things that have happened and have been done. I can name where I have been, and I have been there and back again after seeming to have won those fights and in the end finally lost that war which still rages and stings. With some having given their all and then finally given up due to trust and the lack of trust on both our parts.

Knowing the fates are devious and the show is here and now, with wounds that need to be healed by time which is so fleeting and there are times when madness tries to take control and things can come crashing down with one word. Once there was a time when dreams were written and sent to another side, and now there is no why or how. And now do wishes burn or do they whisper to be heard? With more time being wished for instead of shouldering my pack and arising to live in the moment, and hold on to both hope and faith to believe in?

Once I used to have angels to watch over me and keep the demons from the door, when things weren’t strange and become something like a touch of Hell, and having things like the are now and not what they used to be. And it seems that days have become compromised with things lost, and I need not let it all pass with things needing to be realized. With everything starting from within, and in me there is a mirror when I have been bad and been wrong it allows me to see it all over again and making me food for those self-proclaimed saints quick to judge me. With sticks and stones to break my bones, but by a twist of fate and feeling no shame I get on my knees and pray for guidance giving hope to a bad man. Knowing it takes all the pieces of a broken man to pick themselves up and put themselves back together again.

It is said that faith can move mountains and fire can cleanse the soul, so hand on my heart I will take a stand, knowing that there is a razor’s edge between friend and foe, as well as lies and truth. So, I ask that you come with me now, though it might seem that we are caught up in the world and one thing seems to ring true; to move and to fight. So, don’t delay and stop thinking like you have thought yourself to death, and lose the confusion of dealing with something that’s real and let me take you down to show you what’s real. Though we might not be worthy and still I ask you stay with me and together with hands on hearts we will pledge to make a stand despite those haunting voices that can be heard calling from the past.

To carry on knowing that one is not enough and time stands still with no turning back, and it’s time to stand up though all is under attack. Looking for a breath of life and a bit of a vision through a heavenly rush from just one more touch, as the fever begins spreading from the heart to the mind and possibly coming up screaming. Dreams should stay with us here in the desert though all might seem as if they are shattered, so if you are here it means that you haven’t been discarded for this is where God tests the faithful.

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