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Blue Lamp

Blue Lamp

Every second is a life time with every minute bringing you closer to God, with nothing seen but red lights which make your body seem to burn. With a minute in the sunshine seems to translate sometimes as a decade in the dark a world away as it takes part in a dream. Still, there are times when it all remains like those finest simple threads when you feel you can’t clear your head, and somehow all is kept together with most things seeming not to matter. Most out there have been hurt in some way with some seeming to be like a wanderin' ghost, and you wish you could turn the clock to zero and make everything into a brand-new day. So, come up from below, dust off your hands as you wipe the sleep from your eyes, with the strength being of another kind as you stand here in the here and now with somethings being unsaid.

Living for tomorrow and feeling like lost in a dream, and trying to find the answers to the questions while riding with the rhythm of the world turning under your feet as you learn to live with memories in the sounds of silence. Still, you carry on with your feet on the ground in the turning of twilight reading the signs as you follow the road as it unwinds, as you try not to look back (but, some always look back), at all those doors and windows you closed as you head down the road. Every secret you ever told me I keep down deep inside of me and just ask that you believe and sometimes the faith I carry gets a bit heavy, but it carries me along and keeps me on my feet even when I take a beating.

It might feel like you are caught in a storm, with the sound of that false clock ticking loudly trying to distract you and have you think it’s ticking out your time. Though it might be hard to find relief, especially when it seems like darkness has parked itself right outside your door. Just know you aren’t alone and just turn your head and hold onto your truths, and make peace with the enemy seen in that mirror on the shelf and look into your eyes to see where your demons hide. There might be a few mornings when you wake up with the blues as you pull on your walking shoes, and don’t let your dreams get the best of you as there will be some dreams you’ll never see and just keep them to remember.

Dry your eyes and try to take it slowly, and walk as though you are marching off to war. Remember what you were taught about living through the lightning and thunder, as you make your way to a new afternoon in the heat where warm winds blow under blue skies. I know that suffering destroys those insignificant things and hardens the strong, while the idea of being good once was synonymous with honesty. Never thought I’d be who and what I am now, with a look in my eyes showing not a whole lot left to lose and it seems that some things aren’t getting better, and I now know the reason I try not to look back, and there needs to be nothing hiding the truth with blood and tears being shed making things any better or any real difference.

Finding myself becoming tired of all the people talking, and all of the noise they create that means nothing when all the smoke has cleared, and all has been finally said. I know I should just keep walkin’ and continue on, and ain’t talking as I do. Feels like I have dirt on my hands and pockets full of sand to show all that I have, with times it feels like it is hard to breathe but then again, I was born to fight and I know I have heart when the lights go out and when I dig down deep. Going to war with the brothers and those I trust who carry the fire inside, and I still look for your face in all those places I have passed through out here on this old Highway 61, and wonder where you ended up after all took place, and even though the moments have passed us by, we both can’t seem to turn away along with all the dreams we thought would never be lost just crumbled and blown away.

For a change, I’ll refrain from hiding all of me from you (Here's my lullaby). Pray for rain, lose your name, and watch all your dreams fall through (Hush now don't you cry). With every road having both a beginning and an end, and don’t be afraid and let it all in. So, zigzag past those bridges that were burned, and have a bit of a laugh, as you let the sun’s dark light in.

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