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Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

My Final Submission for awhile

Remember me, as I find myself alone in darkness knowing that I can’t turn away from what I must do, and there are a lot of things that words can’t say. So walk away and believe and try to see through my eyes, and you would probably lose your fears. The sun will remain, as will those winds of change blowing that can’t be explained. I know you will find a way, so turn and walk away for there is no way I can change my mind and I have no answers to those questions you pose, so just say goodbye.

Don’t think of this as the end; for I will live on some way as the changes that can’t be explained begin to take place. There are very few I would stop a bullet for or to be someone I’d die or cry for. With laughing eyes recall those words that were written as well as those songs that were sung, we played for pride in all things with no compromise or quarter given, and never believed those moments would ever end. So never be afraid and take those lessons I gave you along with those that were well learned to wherever you may roam.

We charged our glasses and held them high and tried to reach for the skies, and now it seems I don’t need this life, and when I am standing in the flames I will know I was brave enough to die. So when you are standing in the shadows just know you will never be forgotten for I will still be standing there at your side forever, so rage against the dying of the light. Remember when we visited the old prison at North Point and the silent truths that could be read there in the writing on the walls of that silent tomb? Those we were able to read because it would one day help as things came down to the wire, and I ask you to fall back on those too.

Asking in the confessional for the Father to bless me for I have sinned, and I know we all start to live with memories. I don’t know if any Hail Mary’s will rescue or save me, I don’t know where to begin and I know I have been there and back again. So just stay inside until you hear me leave as that false clock ticks loudly to distract me of what I need to do. And there have those I have loved who finally gave up, and I know I pushed your patience and my luck hard; it never was love I didn’t trust, and now I’m beginning to think I might have said too much.

If you could dream anything what would it be? Old habits die hard and we choose the best to do with what we have left; we carry our choices, and hide our regrets. We know there’s a price but they ain’t seen the last of us yet, with yesterday gone like tears in the rain, but I have had your back from the beginning and will always continue to do so, and may you be remembered by those you leave behind and touched their lives like you touched mine.

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