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Curious Minds

"When making lemonade, don't forget to add some sugar."

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When one is given lemons, as a friend recently said, make lemonade. Thank you for the reminder Yas.

My problem is, I sometimes forget to add sugar. Must be an old man thing, sheepish grin. I do seem to get distracted more easily, the older I get.

When one looks up the meaning of curiosity, we find this definition: An eagerness to know about something or to get information about an interesting and unusual object, person, or phenomenon.

These things come to mind.
Inquisitiveness... a thirst needing to be quenched
Novelty... something new we want to understand
Marvel... an awe inspiring revelation
Wonder... questioning, is this really real
Phenomenon... something that is out of the ordinary and excites people's interest leading them to try and find the answers

Is it wrong to want to know, I think not.

Most things that we enjoy are a result of someone's curiosity. If no one asked questions, learning and understanding would cease. Nothing new would ever be discovered and old teachings would never be better understood.

There are no rights or wrongs. What we have been taught, what we have been told are the truths, are really only interpretations of how another views the way things are, or should be.

Curiosity has and will continue to dispel many myths... the earth is flat, for one. If it were not for the curious minds of people like Columbus, we would still believe we were going to fall off from the earth, if we traveled beyond the horizon.

In my mind, curiosity is something to be explored with an open mind and heart.

One may never find all of the answers, but the quest will be an interesting journey. Finding for themselves what is true and what is false within their own self. No longer having to rely on interpretations of others, or accept their beliefs.

Questioning allows us to find out what works for us, and therefore find our own philosophies. We are each, after all, different and unique. What floats my boat, may not float yours and vice versa.

This thirst may never be totally quenched. We will be able to say that we have tasted the sweetness of the wine, as we continue along life's path, further questioning our own curious minds as we try to find who and what we really are.

Allowing others to also question and search for answers, chasing their curiosities what ever they may be, is the beginning of our own understanding.

Having tolerance for everything around us, knowing that there is not just one way. There are many ways, giving all the choice to choose.

Bringing more thoughts, more perplexing questions, surprising as it may be. Do I know myself? Do I totally understand what I have just written? The answer: no but I will carry on. With the hope that some day I will, knowing that what I know is what I know. What I don't, I will try to find out.

Questioning what I do not understand, trying to dispel the myths that haunt me, as I strive to understand others as well as myself better.

Endeavoring each day to be a more tolerant, loving person, while allowing others to grow at their pace and trying to be happy with my own growth.

My questions have brought many answers, these answers have created many questions.

Life is a gift worth living, it is filled with many blessings, but this need to know sometimes blinds me and I lose site of the truths, I have already found.

So question I will, answer what I can and live, loving others and myself, trying to be tolerant of both. Savoring sweetness and some times not so sweet, as I try and remember, adding sugar to my lemonade makes it much more pleasant.

Try is all I can do.

Written by CKAcres
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