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2 years ago

And I Left

I couldn't bring myself to ask.

The bar was too noisy and people stood shoulder to shoulder. They were all vying for a place at the bar. Music filled the air and it mingled with the laughter and drunken ramblings of its patrons.  I first spotted him as he entered the bar. His black hair...

The uproar of emotions attracted me, so concerned were they as their tearsflooded their faces, women and men alike. It attracted my curious eye. Slowly I made my way through the emotional crowd to gaze upon the face of who was so proud. Gently he laid in...

8 years ago

Curious Minds

When making lemonade, don't forget to add some sugar.

When one is given lemons, as a friend recently said, make lemonade. Thank you for the reminder Yas. My problem is, I sometimes forget to add sugar. Must be an old man thing, sheepish grin. I do seem to get distracted more easily, the older I get.When one...

I want to be little again.Back when everything was wondrousand surely magical.All of the magic dissipatesas we age, as we gain knowledge, as our wisdom grows.No more do we wonder,we know.We know why the sky is blue.We know why the grass is green.And we kn...

8 years ago

Where Did I Come From

The reason I am an agnostic.

Thinking of teachings that were presented to me in my youth, I have often wondered if Adam and Eve really did exist and if they did eat from the tree of knowledge? Were they father and mother of all mankind? Knowledge, it is said, is power, why would anyo...