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Tolerance Stories


Checking Out

Just another day waiting to pay

Fine Andy, I'll tell you what happened at the gas station. That's what we call them here. Convenient stores, for people like me, too lazy to walk to the back of the grocery store for milk. Convenient for those who are in a hurry. Places to be, no time to...

Curious Minds

When making lemonade, don't forget to add some sugar.

When one is given lemons, as a friend recently said, make lemonade. Thank you for the reminder Yas. My problem is, I sometimes forget to add sugar. Must be an old man thing, sheepish grin. I do seem to get distracted more easily, the older I get.When one...

Wedding DJ 4

Drinking stops your thinking.

Some wedding couples need to remember that their bridal costumes will not give them a super human tolerance to alcohol.Example: At one reception I was asked by the groom how soon could we start the bridal dance, I was puzzled as dinner had just started. W...


Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, are life-altering lessons.

Tenability, being fair and rational.Open-mindedness, receptive to new ideas. Leniency, love, mercy, forgiveness. Empathy, understanding another's feelings. Resilience, rebounding, springing back. Acceptance, believable and true. Non-judgmental, never find...